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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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Favourable or simply cheap?

Budget solutions put under the microscope ...

Whether you are looking for a bargain on a private or commercial level – this has probably happened to every one of us: you detect an alleged special offer which closely resembles the original brand-name product at first sight but is significantly cheaper. After the purchase, however, such imitations often turn out to be the perfect example of a mispurchase.

Imitation on the outside, mockery on the inside

Of course – Trotec also uses global procurement management in order to always offer the best value-for-money ratio for every demand. Thus it can happen that we purchase from a presupplier whose range of products is also offered by other distributors. Generally, however, these devices only resemble each other on the outside. Therefore, always compare carefully, or preferably opt for Trotec quality from the very beginning to protect yourself from nasty surprises later on.

Trotec budget solutions: always low-price but never low-quality!

Take the DH-S series, for example: currently, there are low-budget devices on offer looking almost identical to our popular industrial dryers of the DH-S series. The fatal thing is that this is all they seem to have in common.

Looks like Trotec, but entails high technical risks

While the industrial condenser dryers of our DH-S series come with an elaborate modular refinement of electrical equipment and components containing water according to European standard – all manually finished and quality-controlled by Trotec in Germany –, no-name imitations are in fact nothing more than unmodified, cheap devices from the Far East. They simply have a false front and are absolutely unsuited for reliable industrial application and surely forbidden in terms of electrical equipment and operational security; maybe even life-threatening.

On top of that, the Trotec devices of the DH-S series are fitted with an additional robust condensate pump at the production location Germany starting from the DH 95 S upwards, and the large DH-S industrial dryers are furthermore equipped with pressure gauge indicators for a maintenance-friendly early detection of faults.

Therefore, watch out when buying a dryer:

once again, it becomes clear that what seems to be identical isn't always the same! If you choose Trotec, you can always be sure to benefit from real brand products in every price range without any exceptions.