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TEH electric heating units

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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Now entirely from in-house production: TEH electric heating units

100% Made in Germany - the TEH electric heating units from Trotec

The 2014 model series of TEH electric heaters will as of now be developed in our own R&D department, produced in the manufacturing plant and moreover thoroughly tested. Hence, Trotec can warrant quality, robustness and durability.

Trotec manufacturing of TEH heating units

The devices of the TEH series are manufactured in tried and tested German industrial design. With a heating capacity between 40 and 120 kW they rank among the world's most powerful mobile electric heaters.

The large heaters can i.a. be used for heating major events, military installations such as huge workshops for planes or shipyards and shipping companies. In mining companies, steel and aluminium mills, in the manufacturing industry, for power suppliers and service providers they also heat quickly and reliably.

Large, mobile and always in stock

Despite the high heating capacity and their size the devices are mobile, can be used flexibly and withstand the harshest of surrounding conditions. Additionally, the on-site production guarantees constant availability, for long-distance deliveries via sea or air freight are rendered unnecessary. When the stock begins to dwindle, production can be started in due time. And spare parts are also in stock at all times for quick repair work.

Trotec manufacturing of TEH heating units

Flexible heating with eight heating levels

With every TEH electric heating unit one can flexibly and individually choose from eight heating levels between 0 °C and 60 °C. Afterwards the electronically controlled multi-stage switching for air volume and temperature ensures a constant ambient temperature at all times. For a higher heating capacity the TEH devices can also be stacked, if required. Thus, they are particularly well-suited for heating applications in the industrial sector making use of smoke-, flame- and condensate-free warm air. They are further suited for air transport distances to up to 100 metres of hose length.

Additional equipment features

As standard the TEH 200, the TEH 300 and the TEH 400 come equipped with a shock protection frame, crane lugs, forklift slots and transport wheels with parking brakes. Optionally available are also an additional warm air hose of 7.6 m length and a universal tension belt. On request further available are special models for use in certain ex-proof zones.