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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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Some of the most powerful electric heaters worldwide

Now 20 % smaller and 30 % lighter!

They rank among the most powerful mobile electric heaters across the globe – the high-performance electric heating units of the TEH series from Trotec. Now our development department scored a coup extraordinaire: the two new TEH devices are roughly 20 % smaller and 30% lighter than their previous models – yet come with the same capacity!

An advantage rewarding you with a substantially higher mobility and flexibility: e.g. when heating major events, large plane workshops, shipyards and shipping companies, mining companies as well as steel and aluminium mills. The demanded heating capacities illustrate, which requirements the TEH have to meet.

We love to produce lots of hot air!

The electric heaters produce their warm air completely free from smoke, flame and condensate. In doing so, the TEH 200 impresses with an enormous heating capacity of 40 kW and produces up to 3,000 m³ of hot air per hour. The TEH 300 surpasses this performance yet again with an unbelievable heating capacity of 80 kW and a hot air production of 6,000 m³. Both units afford the choice between eight heating levels from 0 °C to 60 °C, then the electronically controlled multi-stage switching regulates air volume and temperature and ensures that a constant ambient temperature is observed. And should a yet higher heating capacity be in demand, the TEH devices can also be stacked. Moreover, the electric heaters are as standard equipped with a shock protection frame, crane lugs, forklift slots and transport wheels with parking brakes and are further suited for air transport distances of up to 100 metres hose length.

Good to know: Because the development of the TEH , including design and production, takes place completely (100 %) at Trotec in Germany, our company guarantees for quality and durability. By the way, we also made the filter change easier – now the devices are a reliable plug & play solution even in permanent heating operation: Just set it up, install it, switch it on – all done!

You are looking for large-scale heating scenarios?

With our new electric heaters TEH 200 and TEH 300 you are optimally prepared for all requirements – also available for rent in case of temporary demand.