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Professional ozone disinfectors and plasma field ionizers for surface disinfection and odour neutralization
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Professional ozone disinfectors and plasma field ionizers

Ideally suited for the effective surface disinfection and odour neutralization of extensive areas

Operating principle of Airozon ozonization for oxidative disinfection and odour neutralization

Trotec's mobile ozone disinfectors can effectively disinfect large areas and furthermore neutralize obtrusive odours. Trotec provides a variety of device series for every application purpose from disinfection to odour neutralization to you.

Airozon® brand products for effective ozone disinfection

The ozone produced by our ozone generators is a very powerful oxidizing agent with a high reaction potential. This makes it an effective reagent for the decomposition of disruptive substances in the surrounding air. The radicals bound in the ozone molecule react with all kinds of substances in the surrounding air, even if they are only present in very little concentrations. The oxidative decomposition of airborne and immovable pollutants (e.g. in the ground, on walls or on the ceiling), results in an odour neutralization and decontamination by means of killing viruses, bacteria, mould and carcinogenic/allergenic microorganisms.

Airozon® Ozonization makes it possible to effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria

The Airozon® ozone disinfection for classrooms, hotel rooms, holiday homes, nursing homes, rental cars, boats or taxis neither costs much money nor time, but creates a sterilized environment without any germ load and without the risk of infection and leaves a secure feeling to guests, renters, customers, inhabitants or visitors. Compared to spraying and wiping disinfectants as a labour and personnel intensive job, disinfecting with ozone can be carried out fully automatic and without using additional chemicals.

Ozone disinfectors Airozon® ECO or Airozon® Professional

What are the differences between these two device series?

Disinfecting large interior spaces and neutralizing odours within no time – this is the domain of the Airozon® Professional series

Although the devices are partly overlapping with the Airozon® ECO series as regards their performance values, the ozone generators of the Airozon® Professional series were particularly designed with regard to professional use and for everyday continuous operation. They are also constructed to withstand demands and wear resulting from rental use. Moreover, the device copes with the special requirements caused by extensive operations to eliminate odours from large fire and water damages.

Due to their particular performance characteristics, these devices also provide benefits when it comes to disinfecting larger areas. Therefore the ozone generators of the Airozon® Professional series are extremely robust and designed so as to provide high mobility as well as high performance. On top, they are equipped with a number of additional functions.

Airozon®-ECO series – The economic solution for local oxidative odour neutralization and disinfection of surfaces and room air in interior spaces

The Airozon® ECO series was particularly designed for companies that primarily aim to use ozone generators for own purposes, beyond professional disinfection or fire or water damage restoration.

The ozone disinfectors of the Airozon® ECO series are an especially economic solution for local odour neutralization and disinfection of surfaces and interior room air – ideally suitable for smaller hotels, private room letting, real estate companies or traffic, bus and taxi companies, but also for animal clinics, sanctuaries and morticians. Our recommendation: Each of these companies should have ozone generators of the Airozon® ECO series at its disposal as integral element of the company's cleaning machinery!

In contrast to the high-quality quartz glass ozone electrodes of the Airozon® Professional series, the ozone disinfectors of the Airozon® ECO series are equipped with ceramic-based dielectrics. Although ceramic-based dielectrics are also capable of generating temporarily large ozone emissions, their production is not free of fluctuations. Therefore, these devices cannot generate large ozone emissions for entire areas on a constant level, as it would be required day after day for large-scale disinfections to be effective.

Ceramic-based dielectrics are less suitable for continuous daily operations, partly because the ceramic characteristics make them more susceptible to contamination and, if the climatic conditions are fluctuating, for corrosion, too.

Ozone disinfectors of the Airozon Professional series
Ozone disinfectors of the Airozon ECO series

Plasma field ionizers of the AirgoPro series:

Plasma field ionizers of the AirgoPro® series

The professional solution for effectively neutralizing unpleasant odours

Odour neutralizers of the AirgoPro® series are plasma field ionizers, their operating principle working on the basis of dielectric barrier discharge, comparable to that of ozone generators, but requiring a lower energy input. Singlet oxygen and its modifications as well as atomic oxygen as a free radical is generated in the device via electric glow discharge. These free oxygen radicals are characterized by a high oxidation potential, which is the reason why the odour particles, pollutants, bacteria and microorganisms such as mould present in the intake air are subjected to an oxidative degradation in the process, which is further supported by the presence of hydroxyl radicals.

This operating principle is the reasons why plasma field ionizers of the AirgoPro® series are not only the first choice where the solution of various odour issues is concerned, but also when it comes to providing effective overnight refreshment in the catering trade and hotel business, e.g. for eliminating all odours of the previous evening in hotel bars, dining rooms or breakfast rooms, ensuring that everything smells fresh again in the morning.

All odour neutralisers in direct comparison:

To find the odour neutraliser which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all devices which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

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Technical data by comparison

Technical data by comparison