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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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New IC report software from Trotec

Now with DuoVision Plus display!

So far, the professional IC report software permitted a precise analysis of the thermal images recorded with a Trotec infrared camera at the PC. But seeing as we have added the innovative DuoVision Plus feature to the latest software version, analyses on your PC go hand in hand with a far easier orientation, localization and assessment. DuoVision Plus allows an extremely detailed image representation in the thermogram.

DuoVision Plus

It's not always easy to get the hang of a thermographic representation. And one is strongly influenced by the quality and resolution of the thermogram. To make this easier, so far, thermal images and real images were merely superimposed. But with this conventional merging technique you would often miss clear and well defined outlines. Using the DuoVision Plus function, the contours will henceforth be taken from the respective digital image and transferred into the thermogram. Examples of the decidedly positive results are indicated in our illustrations: By integrating lines of contrast, almost all contours – and thus problematic spots also – are rendered visible in every detail – even in case of lower-quality thermograms.

DuoVision Plus – already successfully deployed for the IC series

DuoVision Plus is already available in our new thermal imaging cameras IC085LV and IC125LV. Both cameras are provided with a 5 megapixel digital camera, constituting the precondition for razor-sharp real images, which can then be superimposed with infrared images in real time as picture-in-picture display making use of the DuoVision Plus function. Hence, DuoVision Plus combines the infrared image information with high-contrast details from the visible light spectrum of the real image camera. This allows for an extremely detailed thermal image on the display of the IC camera and now also on the PC – thanks to our new IC report software!

IC report software

Even he who isn't working with one of Trotec's new IC thermal imaging cameras at present, can benefit from our innovation: With the  IC report software the ingenious DuoVision Plus effect can also be deployed for CCD images and thermograms produced with older Trotec thermal imaging cameras.

IC thermal imaging cameras from Trotec

The IC report software – all that is needed for a professional analysis of thermal images

Please use the following link to download our new IC report software including the DuoVision Plus function: