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Simple. Safe. Sawing.

Portable circular saw PCSS 10‑1400 – the budget-friendly solution

Cutting-edge design, high performance and precision all in one: Being a professionally designed pendulum guard model, the new portable circular saw PCSS 10-1400 meets any requirements set by demanding sawing applications. The combination of a powerful soft-start motor, variable speed control and high cutting depth ensures fast and precise results for manifold sawing applications, including for instance solid wood, chipboards, plastic, lightweight construction materials and aluminium profiles.

In order to achieve best cutting results, the correct setting is essential. This is why the portable circular saw PCSS 10‑1400 can be configured quickly and easily for various tasks. You can, for instance, adjust the cutting depth and cutting angle up to max. 65 mm and 45 degrees without the need for additional tools. The electronic control for variably adjustable constant speeds ensures material-compatible working – even under load the saw blade maintains its preselected speed of rotation.

PCSS 10-1400
PCSS 10-1400 – Laser guide
PCSS 10-1400 – Quick release system
PCSS 10-1400 – Cutting line mark
PCSS 10-1400 – Dust extraction
PCSS 10-1400 – Accessories

Precise sawing thanks to perfect assistance

Recessed notches in the base plate at 0 and 45 degrees reveal the exact cutting line and facilitate precise sawing along the mark by indicating the kerf width. And the supplied rip fence helps you to almost always succeed in making perfect longitudinal cuts. Furthermore, an integrated laser guide can be switched on in addition to precisely indicate the cutting line, allowing you to immediately return to the cutting line in case you veer off course. This facilitates the freehand operation of the saw along a straight line.

In terms of ergonomics, the compact PCSS 10‑1400 was optimized for professional continuous operation: with a perfectly positioned centre of gravity and additional soft grip inlays in the main handle. Consequently, a firm and secure grip is ensured even during longer operation. With the additional front handle the portable circular saw can be directed safely and precisely with both hands.

Safety first when sawing

A safety switch prevents inadvertent start-up of the portable circular saw, the soft start with starting current limitation prevents excessive acceleration during switch-on and the high-quality aluminium pendulum guard with retracting lever provides further user protection. Due to the integrated spindle lock even the saw blade exchange can be accomplished quickly and safely. The required hexagonal wrench is located at hand inside the housing.

The scope of delivery already includes two saw blades: The model with 24 teeth is optimally suited for quick longitudinal cuts, whereas the 48 teeth version permits precise cutting even in hard materials. Since both saw blades are made of carbide they can be universally applied for sawing wood or plastics.

On-demand laser guide to mark the cutting line
Accurate cutting depth up to 65 mm and cutting angle up to 45 degrees steplessly adjustable without tools
The supplied rip fence ensures consistently accurate cuts
The integrated spindle lock allows for a quick and simple exchange of the saw blade
Best TÜV-tested quality, signed and sealed – accessories included!

Best quality, signed and sealed – accessories included!

Being supplied in TÜV-tested quality and thus guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality, the portable circular saw PCSS 10‑1400 comes ready-for-use including two carbide saw blades with 24 and 48 teeth respectively, two button cell batteries, a rip fence, an Allen wrench and a connection adapter for external dust extraction.