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UV-Torchlight 5F

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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And there was UV light!

The UV‑Torchlight 5F brings light into the dark

A strained look into a dark corner, screwing up one's eyes to see something at night. This is now a thing of the past – at the push of a button. For here comes the UV‑Torchlight 5F, the new UV torch from Trotec. With a size of only ten centimetres it provides optimum service for optimum sight in the UV spectral range. The intense UV light is generated by 1-watt high-performance LEDs. All you need is three AAA batteries. The motto: little energy for plenty of light. Naturally, the UV torch with its robust and splash-proof housing is highly ergonomic and can be carried on the wrist with ease thanks to the attached wrist strap.

What is it used for?

UV torches generally serve for professional deployment such as in leak detection in buildings, subdomains of forensics or non-destructive material testing. The UV‑Torchlight 5F, however, also guarantees lots of fun as it is one of the most important companions for geocachers.

hidden cache containerThe idea of geocaching is to track down containers hidden by other geocachers. They can only be found by entering the coordinates disclosed for the cache into a GPS receiver. Often, the treasures hidden during this digital paperchase are placed into dark corners, gaps or holes. And the task is to find them there. There is even a variant called "night caching" during which the treasure hunters strike off in the dark.

The UV‑Torchlight 5F reliably brings UV light into the dark and securely leads treasure hunters to their goal.

You see: A torch is a must for every geocacher. And most of all, it should be reliable. For this is the only way you can rely on your glowing helper one hundred percent. Durable, battery-saving, handy and robust. This is what a torch should be like – just like the UV‑Torchlight 5F from Trotec.