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The new drying control unit DA 4 Qube

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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Standardized insulation drying without break!

Easier than ever before with the new drying control unit DA 4 Qube

With the DA 4 Qube, available as of now, Trotec sets new standards for maximum efficiency during low-pressure insulation drying. Smaller, lighter and considerable time saving along the way – based on the development objective of the innovative Qube we now also designed an apposite drying control unit which is perfectly tailored to the Qube and can be connected to it in just a few steps. First advantage already during setup: an elaborate intermediate hose connection with water separator is no longer necessary, this simplifies the installation and saves both time and material.

And thanks to an optional DA adapter plate you will also benefit from the DA 4 Qube’s large number of further advantages when using it in combination with any insulation dryer from your stock:

Faster drying and significantly reduced energy costs

Thanks to the patented Efidry automatic control system specifically designed for insulation drying you can dry areas of the same size in distinctly less time or considerably larger areas in the same time with the identical equipment plus the DA 4 Qube and remotely monitor the drying process in real time via the MQDatamonitor!

Documentation of the drying process as standard

Patented Efidry sensor control

The DA 4 Qube comes with an integrated USB flash drive as measured data memory, where the climate data of the drying process are saved at regular intervals. With two sensors the patented Efidry automatic control system of the DA 4 Qube registers both the mixing ratio and the room humidity level of the process air as well as the room air humidity and temperature [1]. The DA 4 interface [2] additionally enables a data connection with the Qube or VX 5 MultiQube.

After drying, the flash drive can simply be removed for reading. For the purpose of documentation, the structured data can be imported into any common spread sheet.

For combined application of the DA 4 Qube with insulation dryers from your stock, an optional DA adapter plate can be obtained. If mounted to the rear, you can benefit from the advantages of the extremely handy DA 4 Qube even during drying operations with MultiQube units from your stock.
Optional DA adapter plate
The DA 4 Qube is equipped with an illuminated three-line display that can be easily read from above.
Multi-line status display
All status messages are indicated in turns as “plain text” on the DA 4 Qube’s display.
Multi-line status display

Efficient portal software for remote monitoring included

Every drying control unit is as standard provided with an integrated modem for remote data monitoring – SIM card* for 24 months included if requested.

Connecting the DA 4 Qube to the MQDatamonitor portal via a modem, you are at any time able to call up the drying process data of your installations in real time even from a distance, to gather information about the current status of the drying progress or to automatically receive a message as soon as the drying process is completed and the installation can be disassembled. No more “on spec” empty running!

And the MQDatamonitor has even more to offer:

manage all your drying installations in just one application, create documentations of the drying progress for your customers and gain a precise overview of the on-site climate conditions as well as of the current degree of moisture penetration of the various insulation layer areas.

Interested? Here you will find all information regarding our new drying control unit DA 4 Qube. Or go to the Trotec shop to directly purchase your own DA 4 Qube and immediately benefit from the manifold advantages in everyday operation.

Using a modem connection between the DA 4 Qube and the MQDatamonitor you can keep an overview of the current status of all drying installations conveniently from your desk.

* Usage of the connection server for data retrieval is already included in the purchase price of the DA 4 Qube. Additionally required is a SIM card, which can for instance be purchased from Trotec at a particularly appealing monthly rate inclusive of a 24-month service life. Naturally, the DA 4  Qube can also be used with SIM cards from other suppliers. Barring the reasonably priced SIM card, there are no follow-up costs when using the DA 4 Qube.