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360° perfect indirect visual inspections

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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360° perfect indirect visual inspections

Industrial videoscopes of the VSC series

Perfect indirect all-round views in the inspection area. With razor-sharp image quality for the highest demands. For pictures and videos. Our new industrial videoscopes VSC206 and VSC3008 meet these and other challenges effortlessly. For both devices unite wireless operation with a mobile, user-friendly compact system with innovative top class highlights.

VSC3008 probeBoth models are equipped with four bendable probes that can be controlled steplessly via a joystick and, owing to their titanium-coated camera heads, they are ideally suited for visual inspections in almost every industrial area. The push probes' multi-ply construction of stainless steel wire mesh (VSC206) or tungsten wire mesh (VSC3008) and PU on a flexible steel spiral ensures maximum range of motion with simultaneously high torsional strength.

The powerful multiple LED light sources and a brilliant VGA LCD display – for the VSC3008 even a Wide VGA LCD display – yield exactly the sharp and detailed images required for the perfect implementation of works in the industrial area. Moreover, individual pictures or entire videos can be stored on the supplied SD card in an uncomplicated manner.

Both VSC models impress immediately when used for the first time. This is on the one hand due to the low weight of the hand-held control unit, which easily enables even longer applications without tiring. The VSC206, for example, weighs a mere 300 g and the VSC3008 only 400 g. On the other hand, the devices are specially designed for operation even in the harshest of conditions in industrial surroundings. Their robust ABS housings and the use of cushioning materials at critical spots prevent impact damages as well as the infiltration of dust and spray water – ideal prerequisites for reliable everyday usage.

VSC206 and VSC3008 in comparison – the differences

Number of LEDs610
LCD size3.5“4.3“
Probe dimensionsLength 2 m / ø 6 mmLength 3 m / ø 8 mm
Probe constructionStainless steel wire meshTungsten wire mesh
Camera resolution350,000 px440,000 px
Camera's field of vision90°130°