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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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Vane anemometer in a new design

Convincing optics. Impressive haptics.

Our air flow meters in new design are part of the MultiMeasure promise of performance we make to our customers of providing the ideal measuring device for each case of application in high quality and with equipment meeting the demands as well as with an excellent value-for-money ratio. The new anemometers BA06 and BA16 are produced in the tried and tested German industrial design, as protected prototypes. In addition to the aesthetic, visually pleasing exterior, the surface feel of both devices already conveys a sense of holding a high-quality, precisely functioning measuring device in your hands. A completely new look & feel, that is mostly accounted for by the increased black rubber soft-touch percentage.

Acute design. Accurate facts.

•    BA06 vane anemometer

The perfect aid for uncomplicated air flow rate measurements e.g. when sailing, surfing or hang-gliding. For this purpose the display can variably be switched over to diverse units: For instance, wind speeds can be measured in kilometres, miles per hour or in nautical miles (knots), the performance of fans, ventilation systems and gas flow rates read either in metres per second or in feet per minute. In case of poor lighting conditions the sensor-controlled display illumination of the BA06 switches on automatically.

•    BA16 vane anemometer

The ideal equipment for measuring air velocity, air temperature and volume flow: the flexibly adjustable gooseneck of the BA16 with its length of 40 centimetres enables measuring also in poorly accessible locations or remote supply air openings and air outlets. The ideal solution, e.g. for sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers for the measuring at discharge grilles, canals and swirl diffusors or for efficiency control of household appliances such as air conditioning systems and cooling fans in data processing sectors. The device ready for immediate use indicates the measured values easily legible on the large, back-lit display. If required, it is also possible to record the current measured value and to display the minimum and maximum values.