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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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Leak detection made easy

Correlator LD20HC – innovative 2-in-1 measuring device

The new correlator LD20HC offers two methods for leak detection in pipelines and drinking water systems in just one device: correlation and electroacoustics. Thanks to quality engineering "made in Germany", this new combination device can be recommended as the ideal standard equipment for water suppliers and measurement engineering service providers for an easy detection of leaks.

Correlator LD20HC - set including two transmitters

The innovative 2-in-1 measuring device combines both methods and their respective advantages: A leak determined by way of correlation can be verified using a ground-borne sound microphone, but every other type of acoustic leak detection and pipe location is also possible. Beyond that, practical experience has shown that – particularly in case of long pipelines – leak detection using electro-acoustic methods is often hardly feasible due to interference factors such as the weather, the pipe's installation depth or a high background noise. In such cases, leaks can usually be detected easily using correlation.

LD20HC offers both correlation and electro-acoustic method

Both methods are based on the same principle: If there is a leak in a pressure pipeline, the water is pressed out of the crack under pressure. This creates a leakage noise and simultaneously causes the pipe to vibrate. Both noises are transported through the pipelines in both directions and are detected by highly sensitive sensors at accessible fittings such as gate valves, hydrants and domestic check valves.

Correlation is a computer-aided procedure by use of which very precise leak detections can be performed in underground pressure piping systems. For the leakage noise, which spreads over the pipe material, reaches the fittings – such as the gate valve or hydrant – at different times. The time difference depends on the distance between the leak and the contact points. The sound is registered at up to three contact measuring spots by the highly sensitive signal pick-ups and transferred to the correlator via the LD radio transmitters. From the time difference of these signals, the LD20HC – in due consideration of material, pipe diameter and length of the measured section – calculates the exact position of the leak. Since the design of the water pipe always influences the sound propagation, the correlator LD20HC specifies the material and diameter of all pipes. This way, up to 20 pipe sections can be inspected in only one measurement. The signal received is amplified and transmitted to the correlator via radio. The correlator permits 256 freely selectable filters to be applied to the signal.

Since various structure-borne and ground-borne sound microphones can be connected to the correlator, the LD20HC is also suited for electro-acoustic leak and pipe detection. For the water jet and the pipe also generate vibrations inside the soil, which are transferred through the ground up to the surface, where they can be perceived as ground-borne sound. Thanks to the smart function (patent pending) the important aspects are immediately apparent: Potential points of leakage are displayed as bar indicator and the highest level denotes the leak. There is no quicker and easier way to detect leakages acoustically!

Correlator LD20HC – delivered in a practical transport case

Moreover, the transport case contains everything that is needed for leak detection: a correlator LD20HC with two antennas and a shoulder strap including charger, LD K – soundproof headphones, LD-TA – transmitter 1 with sound receiver, coloured red as well as LD-TB – transmitter 2 with sound receiver, coloured yellow.

A few practical benefits:

  • Combination device for correlation measurements and acoustic leak detections
  • Advanced measuring technology with ultra-fast hexa-core processor in a robust aluminium housing
  • 64-bit three-point correlation
  • Frequency analysis (FFT)
  • Material and diameter of the pipe sections to be measured can be specified
  • Time-saving correlation measurements of up to 20 pipe segments in one run
  • Innovative smart function for a still quicker acoustic pinpoint leak detection (patent pending)
  • User-friendly navigation with dual keypad touchscreen control
  • Highly sensitive sound receivers and high-performance radio transmitters – amplified by more than 60,000 times
  • Connection for structure-borne and ground-borne sound microphones
LD20HC during operation