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Sound locator LD6

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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Electro-acoustic leak detection

Ultra-compact pocked-sized sound locator LD6

A new useful measuring device for water distribution experts: The ultra-compact sound locator LD6 is an easy-to-handle measuring device for pinpoint electro-acoustic leak detection – and merely pocket-sized!

Using the LD6, you can quickly and safely check lines or fittings to detect sounds of leakage. With the combination of highly sensitive vibration sensor and appropriate amplifier technology the device detects and amplifies the acoustic structure-borne sound waves caused by the leaking water – and conveyed particularly well by the pipe and all connected metal parts such as house connections, hydrants and valves. If there is a pipe burst in the line being inspected, a leak sound can be heard at the respective spot. The integrated 8-stage level indicator further displays the intensity of the sound received: The higher the volume, the closer you are to the point of leakage and vice versa.

Easy single-button operation for quick pipe burst detection

He who wants to achieve precise measuring results in the often unfavourable external circumstances accompanying leak detection, should not be prevented by unnecessarily complicated handling characteristics of the measuring device. Therefore, the sound locator LD6 is manufactured to the ultra-compact size of a trouser pocket. And the best of all: Owing to single-button operation the device can be used with one hand only! At the push of a button, you can filter either high or low frequencies, which enables you to carry out successful measurements on both metallic and non-metallic lines. The wireless Bluetooth transmission to the headphones facilitates the measurement process considerably. To carry out a measurement, you can place either the measuring tip of the LD6 or one of the accessories included in the scope of delivery on the line, fitting or floor.

Sound locator LD6 – Ultra-compact. Super small. Uber-precise!

The measuring device LD6 is delivered in a transport case including Bluetooth headphones, tripod, pot magnet, double probe rod extension, 230 V charger,12 V car charger and one USB charging cable each for measuring device and headphones.

A few practical benefits:

  • Compact pocket-sized sound locator
  • Easy single-button operation
  • Filter button for high and low frequencies
  • 8-stage level indicator
  • Wireless sound transmission to the Bluetooth headphones
  • Always ready for use thanks to rechargeable battery
Application example for the LD6
Application example for the LD6
Delivered in a transport case
Fast and easy handling
Versatile attachment and positioning options
Tripod and magnetic base with probe rod extension
Extensive scope of delivery
Sound locator LD6

How to find leaks using the LD6:

  1. Place the measuring tip of the LD6 on the test object.
  2. Watch the level on the LED indicator.
  3. A stable level indicates a leak or water withdrawal.
  4. If the sound level temporarily drops to zero, there is no leak.
  5. Switch on the wireless headphones and adjust the signal modulation for an ideal sound transmission.
  6. Measure at different points to track down the location of the leak.