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The new radial fan TFV Pro 1 from Trotec

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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A pressure generator second to none

The new radial fan TFV Pro 1 from Trotec

You are looking for a high-performance blower for maximum air circulation during construction drying, the ventilation of hollows, shafts or ducts as well as elevated constructions or else for the fresh air supply in poorly ventilated rooms?

With our new TFV Pro 1 you have a multifunctional professional radial fan of German high-quality manufacturing with immediate effect: Robust and light, easily portable and stackable – and flexibly applicable for the ventilation of hollows as well as for speeding up the drying process.

The new TFV Pro 1 is not only the smallest and lightest device of its class, it is also the only radial fan on the market that comes equipped with a Monoventic air volume regulation that can be used to steplessly regulate the air volume and so to adjust the device for every demand. A dual counter for operating hours and energy consumption is also integrated as standard.

Particularly important for us during the development of this multifunctional high-quality radial fan were maximum performance values under real-life conditions. Which is why only the best components were integrated in its powder-coated aluminium housing and geared to an optimum pressure increase. The resulting 1,050 Pa render the new TFV Pro 1 the most powerful radial fan on the market – no other device produces this much pressure... nor air volume for that matter in everyday operation.

The new TFV Pro 1 can be used variably with fan hoses of the following diameters: 100 mm, 50 mm and 38 mm.
Radial fan TFV Pro 1
The TFV Pro 1 is stackable and multifunctional

The extremely powerful radial fan ensures that plenty of fresh air arrives even at the end of long hose connections. By means of three available adapter plates the air can be distributed to different areas straight to the point.

The adapter plate included in the standard scope of delivery allows for the connection of three fan hoses with a diameter of 100 mm. Further available are adapter plates for eight hoses with a diameter of 50 mm or for twelve 38 mm hoses.

Used without hoses in the standard set-up this radial fan generates an optimally distributed broad, near-ground air current, rendering it an ideal accelerator when drying wet flooring or screeds. Rubber feet at the base and side of the device further permit a vertical or horizontal operating position, so the air can be discharged either sideways or towards the ceiling.