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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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The market leader sets new standards

The new comfort dehumidifier of the TTK-E series

Trotec provides the broadest selection of dehumidifiers worldwide. Regardless of whether you want to use your device in the office or at home, whether it is large or small rooms you want to keep dry, our portfolio contains the appropriate device for every taste and dehumidification performance – such as the three new dehumidifiers of the TTK-E series. With them we set new standards on the market.

Pure comfort – it is according to this guideline that we developed the new dehumidifiers. Regarding the value-for-money-ratio all three belong to Trotec's top-of-the-shelf products. Albeit the devices are structurally identical in their equipment and functions, right down to the uniform, compact dimensions, each being mobile and silent, practical and elegant.

All three of the new dehumidifiers come with hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification and are controlled in a way conceivably easy, namely by means of a rotary switch. With it you select the relative humidity value you regard as agreeable from seven different stages. When this value is exceeded, the devices automatically switch themselves on and then off again to save energy as soon as the desired target value has been reached. The current operating status can be gathered from the LED displays at all times.

The new comfort dehumidifier – a class of its own

Of course the devices can also be used in continuous operation – this is made especially convenient by the integrated separate hose connection for the external condensate drain, which saves you the trouble of manual draining, which would be required otherwise. More convenient features such as the automatic overflow protection, washable air filters, adjustable discharge direction as well as carry handles ensure that each of the three new dehumidifiers is easy to clean and handle.

A look at the technical details reveals the differences regarding their room size suitability and the daily dehumidification performance. Tailored for your individual requirements:

With its dehumidification performance of up to 10 litres per day the TTK 29 E device reliably keeps small, heated rooms sized up to 15 m² dry.

The dehumidifier TTK 51 E strips the ambient air from up to 16 litres of moisture per day and is suited for room sizes of up to 31 m².

Finally, the dehumidifier TTK 70 E: it comes with a maximum dehumidification performance of 20 litres per day and is excellently suited for room sizes of up to 45 m².

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