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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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The new VQuick hose connection elements

Quick connection with one click

The revolution devours its children or rather your hose clamps. For these can now be ignored thanks to the new VQuick system from Trotec. To date hose clamps have been used to secure hose ends and their connection to T- and Y-distributors, connection and bottom nozzles for insulation layer drying in a way both laborious and time-consuming. That is now over!

With VQuick you simply connect the hose ends and the joints and pull them apart again once the job has been done. Then you use them again. For each counterpart is equipped with a crosswise slot running inside and a clamping collar outside – for unproblematic pushing together and taking apart. With VQuick connection elements you can easily realize drying installations of any size. Regardless of how many drying holes and hose branches are connected to one another: each connection is tightly sealed.

Examples for how quick and easy it is to work with VQuick

Thanks to our new VQuick system it is now also possible to interconnect several T-pieces, e.g. to attach branches for individual rooms.

One can also preconfigure different hose lengths (1 m, 2 m, 3 m, etc.) in order to then attach them to the individual distributor parts as required (T-distributor, arc, extension).

So far, drying holes with a diameter of 40 or 50 mm had to be drilled into the wooden floor to insert the nozzles – this, too, is history. Using our 25 mm connection nozzles, floor boarding and parquet flooring can be dried directly.

We asked a number of large restoration companies to test our new push-fit system on the market. The result was clear: thanks to VQuick the installation of the hose system for insulation drying was usually about 15 minutes quicker than using conventional systems. All participants saved valuable time and money – when will you join them?

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VQuick end connectors PVC for 38 mm hose

VQuick air inlet adapters rubber for 38 mm hose

VQuick air inlet angle adapters rubber for 38 mm hose

VQuick T-distributors PVC for 38 mm hose

VQuick connection nozzles for 38 mm hose

VQuick hose connections for 38 mm hose