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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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UV‑Torchlight 15F – makes even the smallest tracers visible!

Up to four times higher radiation intensity than the previous model

Another generation further: He who still remembers or currently uses the 10F model, should now rethink: The new UV‑Torchlight 15F surpasses its forerunner in all relevant performance characteristics – and scores with a radiation intensity that is increased by up to four times. And best of all: the aesthetically convincing techno look remains unchanged, as does the operator guidance. So feel free to rethink, relearning will not be necessary!

The UV‑Torchlight 15F offers you a high degree of flexibility and is excellently suited for quick inspections – such as for the leak detection in buildings, subdomains of forensics or the non-destructive material testing in the industry. Immediately after switch-on, the lightweight tracer detector supplies maximum UV-A output and impresses with a distinctly stronger radiation intensity. Both a huge advantage when it comes to checking poorly accessible areas.

By way of comparison: the radiation intensity of the old 10F with a radiation cone diameter of 100 mm amounted to 5,800 µW/cm². This value is easily eclipsed by the new Torchlight 15F : with the same cone it achieves a radiation intensity of 22,560 µW/cm², thus reaching a very high fluorescence stimulation – even the smallest of tracers are clearly visible also in daylight.

By the way, due to the integrated focus ring the UV‑Torchlight 15F also enables you to flexibly regulate the radiation cone. One turn provides you with the respectively adequate luminous intensity for each task – infinitely variable from spotlight with maximum fluorescence excitation to floodlight for a quick examination of larger areas.