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Industrial condenser dryers of the DH-S series

Because the simplest solutions are often the best

The DH-S standard series allows you the cost-effective protection of stored goods, production facilities, building structure and inventory against moisture damage ...

DH-S condenser dryers successfully combine global procurement management with local production refinement at the production location Germany.

That is how they provide two decisive advantages in one device:

The attractive price-performance-ratio of an international standard solution for many traditional dry keeping tasks and a modular refinement of electrical systems and aquiferous components meeting European standards – all manually finished and quality-controlled at Trotec in Germany.

Therefore, with Trotec condenser dryers of the DH-S series you can benefit from reliable standard solutions for cost-effective dehumidification whenever you need it for protection against corrosion and condensation in production and storage areas for industry, logistics or supply.

The industrial condenser dryers of the DH-S series are exclusively available only at Trotec!

A few practical benefits:

  • Reliable dryers with a high dehumidification capacity
  • Special cost-effective solution for typical dry keeping applications in production halls or warehouses
  • Modular refinement of electrical equipment and components containing water according to European ­standard – handmade in Germany
  • DH 25 S / DH 65 S with aluminum tube evaporator for an effective ­dehumidification performance also, when the humidity in the room is low
  • Excellent value for money

* Depending on the model, for more details see technical data

The efficient humidity control allows the economical prevention of condensation, mould and corrosion damage, increased reliability of electrical systems, optimised process conditions for manufacture and production as well as stable climate conditions in storerooms and archives.

Not to forget about the fact that drier air can be heated more easily resulting in reduced heating costs.

With all condenser dryers of the DH-S series, humidity control can be humidity-dependent by means of target value specification at the internal hygrostat or humidity-independent in continuous operation. For flexible use at different locations, DH-S devices are provided with stable swivel casters* and a residual water draining function*

The integrated hot gas automatic defrosting ensures efficient dry keeping without breaks for defrosting at certain intervals in which dehumidification pauses.

Condensate can be drained through the external outlet across stories because the standard condensate pump* is designed for a pump head of four metres.

In the bigger products the pressure and the suction side of refrigerant pressure is measured separately for each compressor and is shown on an easy to read manometer*. Thanks to that all potential disorders detected early and the maintenance intervals may be planned earlier.

Thanks to their sturdy frame con­struction the condenser dryer of the DH-S series are distinguished by their high casing stability.