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Particle measuring device BQ20

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
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The danger from fine particulates is all around you

Particle measuring device BQ20 detects pollution

Particulate matter is a complex combination of various particles – and the new particle measuring device BQ20 measures the content of such fine and ultra-fine dust particles in the ambient air. Being designed as a compact environmental measuring unit, the device measures not only the particulate matter pollution but also the air temperature and humidity level.

Particulate matter is considered to be a serious contributor to respiratory problems, the increase in asthma attacks as well as lung cancer. For a long time, the outdoor pollution has been the focus of public attention – even if the fine particulate burden inside rooms is often higher than on the street.

At home, cooking, frying and vacuum-cleaning as well as the use of laser printers and photocopiers, open fireplaces and pellet heating systems contribute to the air pollution. At the workplace, too, laser printers and photocopiers are used every day. It goes without saying that in the craft sector, hazards arising from particulate matter are almost omnipresent. The BQ20 quickly and precisely measures the extent of the particulate matter pollution in the room air – at home and at the workplace.

BQ20 simultaneously detects dust fractions PM10 and PM2.5

Particulate matter is classified into different fractions depending on the size. The smaller the fine particulates are, the easier it is for them to enter the airways, penetrate the deepest parts of the lungs, and thus reach the bloodstream and all other organs of the body. Using the BQ20 dust fractions can be registered simultaneously as PM10 and PM2.5 according to the internationally acknowledged PM (Particulate Matter) standard:

  • The dust particle size PM10 – also referred to as inhalable dust – comprises all particle sizes which can be inhaled and advance right up into the nasal cavity. Their aerodynamic diameter is less than 10 µm.
  • The dust particle size PM2.5 – also referred to as alveolar dust – comprises all ultra-fine alveolar particles which penetrate into the bronchi and pulmonary alveoli. Their aerodynamic diameter is less than 2.5 µm.
BQ20 colour display

The BQ20 measures the quantitative concentrations of airborne inhalable dust (PM10) and alveolar dust (PM2.5) and shows their portions per m³ of room air numerically on the colour display. Moreover, a colour bar indicates the current particle burden. This way the BQ20 allows you to quickly and reliably draw quantitative conclusions about the existing fine particulate concentration.

Particle measuring device BQ20 – perfectly suited for monitoring the air quality

The measuring device BQ20 enables you to define individual limit values. When exceeded, you are immediately alerted by way of an acoustic signal. This is a particularly valuable function when using the measuring device for the continuous monitoring of interior spaces. For such a permanent application the power for the otherwise battery-operated, mobile device can be supplied directly via a USB cable.

The BQ20 is delivered with a stand and an integrated tripod thread for tripod mounting. Both features allow for convenient positioning of the measuring device, for instance when used for continuous monitoring or long-term measurement series with up to 5,000 data sets that can be recorded on the internal memory.

A few practical benefits

  • Compact environmental measuring device for the detection of particulate matter pollution and climate data
  • 2'' colour display for simultaneous indication of all measured parameters
  • Memory space for up to 5,000 data sets
  • Direct conversion and display of the concentrations of inhalable and alveolar dust fractions contained in the room air stated in µg per m³ of air
  • Additional colour indicator display with automatic acoustic alarm for the quick detection of critical particle concentrations
  • Integrated tripod connection and stand
BQ20 with integrated stand