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The real future of drying technology.

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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The real future of drying technology

Now new: 100% faster and more mobile. A complete MultiQube tower in one device. Set up, connect, turn on. Voilà!

From now on you can counter every insulation drying process with incredible ease! The new Qube consists of only one device and is 50 % lighter and 50 % smaller than a comparable MultiQube tower. Therefore, the transport from the service vehicle to the damage site can be effected 100 % quicker. A multi-device installation with complex hose connections can be omitted without replacement. Just set it up, plug it in, switch it on – all done!

No further equipment technology is required. The Qube comes ready for connection with all integrated parts: A powerful VX 5 turbine insulation dryer, a water separator, a 4-stage filter system and an efficient silencer – ultra-compact, united in a robust, stackable aluminium construction, offering clearly more advantages and at the same time causing considerably less costs than multi-device solutions. Your employees will be grateful as well: Carrying, lifting, hauling, stacking 50 % less!

The new Qube.

Achieving more.
With ease.

Globally unique integral solution:

  • VX 5 turbine
  • Water separator WA 4i
  • HEPA filter module
  • Silencer NR 19

Equipment features:

  • Adaptronic power control for flexible low-pressure surface drying operations ranging from 8 m² to 70 m²
  • Globally unique HiDry automatism for all power stages
  • Optiflow NT multi-function display
  • Non-wearing touchscreen control panel
  • Counter for operating hours and energy consumption
  • Night operation – whisper mode
  • 2 TTKwic quick couplings for drainage connection
    of dehumidifiers
  • Flexible 4-stage filter system
  • DA-4 interface
  • Efidry humifity sensor connection
  • Residual water draining
  • Connection for discharge of hot process air
  • Service power socket
  • Cable holder

Practical benefits:

  • The most light, compact and powerful system unit
    on the market
  • 50 % smaller than a comparable MultiQube
    installation, up to 75 % smaller than
    constructions from competitors
  • Carrying, lifting, stacking 50 % less
  • 100 % quicker and easier
  • Can be installed without time-consuming intermediate hose connections
  • Up to 100 % more working productivity ¹
  • Up to 100 % more area productivity ¹
  • Up to 300 % more warehouse productivity ¹
  • Flexible filter system using the HEPA filter only
    if required
  • Total weight only 25 kg
  • Stackable

¹ With the new Qube all "time-wasters" can be eliminated in one sweep – this way you benefit from extreme increases in productivity in the everyday restoration work:

Making arrangements for less devices and moving them in each event of damage, reduced stock requirements, more equipment per tour in the service vehicle, quicker loading and unloading, quicker transport from the vehicle to the site of damage, quicker installation, quicker disassembly, a reduced need for cleaning. The bottom line is your working, area and warehouse productivity can be increased may times over by using the Qube!