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New high pressure fan TFV 600

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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New high pressure fan TFV 600

TFV series completed – now for every requirement the optimal TFV aggregate is available for you, also in Ex-protected zones …

When it is about demanding ventilation tasks with long air transport distances even in rough practice settings or in explosive areas of the zone 2, many industrial and craft operators not without reason for many years rely on powerful radial fans of the TFV series  from Trotec.

Finally, these mobile aggregates from German high-quality production are well-known for their high output and reliability – even in very dusty surroundings – and the top model TFV 1200 is considered as the strongest mobile applicable high pressure radial fan of its kind in the world!

So that for every performance requirement with the different ventilation tasks always the optimally suitable TFV model is available we closed the performance gap between the 7,000 m³/h strong TFV 300 and the 33,600 m³/h conveying TFV 900.

With the new TFV 600 we can from now on offer you a mobile radial fan solution with high pressure in an air flow rate of max. 16,000 m³/h.

This power allocation makes the new TFV 600 a very versatilely applicable high pressure fan for long air transport distances, e.g. when ventilating channel and pipe systems or tunnels, when doing welding jobs or sealing and floor coating jobs in underground engineering. For a smooth start-up the radial fan TFV 600 as standard has a star-delta switch.

Here you find more information about the new TFV 600 …

On request the TFV 600 is also available for the application in Ex-proof zones

For ventilation applications in Ex-proof zones of class 2, e.g. when cleaning tanks, in port facilities, refineries, wells or silos this new radial fan is also available in the version FTV 600 Ex.

The mobile applicable device corresponds to the Ex-proof group II, category 3G, temperature class 4 and is also optionally available for Ex-proof group II, category 2G (zone 1), category 2D (zone 21) and category 3D (zone 2).

Here you find more information about the new TFV 600 Ex …