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Cordless hammer drill PHDS 10-20V

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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Definitely not a one-hit wonder – instead a striking success!

Cordless hammer drill PHDS 10-20V

With this pro tool from the Trotec PowerTool series you can easily perform even challenging screwing, drilling and impact drilling tasks. For although cordless, the device comes with colossal power reserves – the new cordless high-performance hammer drill PHDS 10-20V constitutes a striking all-round solution for practically all drilling or screwing tasks required in your home, garden or garage. With a maximum torque of 40 Nm and an impact frequency of up to 26,400 spm-1 the PHDS 10-20V easily bores into brickwork and concrete, metal and wood.

Flexpower – the innovative multi-device battery system from Trotec

The remarkable impact power is generated by the premium 20 V battery. This exchangeable high-energy battery of the PHDS 10-20V belongs to the Flexpower series – the innovative multi-device battery system from Trotec – and can be flexibly combined with other cordless tools. Owing to lithium-ion technology, these batteries show neither memory effect nor any sign of self-discharge and can be fully charged within less than one hour by use of the supplied quick charger.

The robust 2-speed metal gearbox and the infinitely variable speed control of the new cordless hammer drill allow a need-based force regulation at all times. 20 torque settings plus one drilling setting and an additional setting for impact drilling render the PHDS 10-20V a master of versatility for all applications. The keyless drill chuck of the PHDS 10-20V permits a fast exchange of screw or drill bits and the automatic spindle lock simultaneously offers more safety due to higher tool clamping forces. All customary screwdriver bits, bit holders and drill bits with a shank diameter of up to 13 mm can be clamped in.

Cordless drilling in tiles
Infinitely variable speed control for every screwing application
For all types of woodwork with a drilling diameter up to 30 mm
Impact drilling in steel beams or concrete

A great deal of power calls for particularly safe handling

With the PHDS 10-20V the occupational safety is ensured at all times in spite of the applied high forces. The device is equipped with a quick stop rundown brake and a start lock preventing an unintentional activation of the hammer drill.

Further included in the scope of delivery is an additional handle for precise drilling guidance that can be mounted either on the left- or right-hand side of the device. The integrated LED lamp makes sure that your workplace is always fully illuminated even at locations where there is not enough space for a work lamp.

During longer working periods, e.g. for remodelling the attic, assembling a wall unit or installing kitchen furniture, the PHDS 10-20V, which can stand upright, also guarantees a secure hold at any time for continuous operations without tiring thanks to its ergonomic design with an optimized centre of gravity and soft grip inlays.

For faster access, the cordless hammer drill can be attached to the supplied belt clip and carried along if needed. For more application possibilities the PHDS 10-20V can be used with high-quality branded drill bit sets for drilling in rock, wood or metal and for all screwing applications also with a 32-piece screwdriver bit set available from Trotec.

Additional handle mountable on either side for precise guiding and vibration-damped working
Complete equipment for drilling in rock, wood or metal and for all screwing applications

TÜV-tested and -certified quality

TÜV-tested and -certified quality

The PHDS 10-20V was tested by the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV) and therefore guarantees a high level of quality, safety and functionality. Naturally, not only the cordless hammer drill but also the charger was tested for safety and certified accordingly. This way, you are always on the safe side with Trotec brand quality.