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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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Effective dehumidification in indoor swimming pools

The new DS series "made in Germany"

In private indoor swimming pools, whirlpool or wellness surroundings the humidity level often exceeds a healthy measure. The new devices of the DS series, especially developed for these areas of application, provide relief – the DS 30 and the DS 60.

Once the critical humidity threshold has been exceeded, corrosion and mould formation at the building are imminent. In case of permanently high humidity values the user's well-being also suffers. The two new pool dehumidifiers DS 30 and DS 60 originally produced by Trotec effectively regulate the humidity in private small and large indoor swimming pools.

The DS 30 is dimensioned for pools sized up to 25 m², the DS 60 ensures optimum humidity levels with pool sizes of up to 50 m². Since both devices were developed specifically for efficient dehumidification operations in wet rooms, they are also excellently suited for the dry keeping of whirlpool and wellness surroundings as well as gymnasiums.

Finest technology behind an appealing design

The wall-mounted devices DS 30 and DS 60 operate fully automatically as dehumidifiers. The energy absorbed during the process of dehumidification is turned into warmth and directly used for heating the room, which further increases the device's profitability. For an optimum adjustment of the pool dehumidifiers to all practical requirements both models are further optionally available with condensate pump and PWW damper register as well as for rear panel installation.

Hidden within the appealing design of both dehumidifiers is a respectively fibreglass-reinforced, easy-to-clean plastic housing. Protected against corrosion and rust, a powerful, silently running radial fan on the inside reliably ensures high air circulation rates. The exterior surfaces of both evaporator and condenser have their own polyester coating and are thus once more efficiently protected against corrosion.