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Leak detection in compressed-air, gas and vacuum systems

Sound level measuring device SL3000 – saves energy and money

Using ultrasound, the new sound level measuring device SL3000 allows you to both inspect pressurized gas lines for leaks and pressureless systems for tightness. This professional compact solution for quick leak detection at compressed-air lines as well as steam, gas and vacuum systems fits into almost every pocket and solves numerous tasks related to preventive maintenance in a highly effective way.

Compressed air is one of the most expensive types of energy. However, 30 to 40 % of the consumption is often lost to leaks. Using the SL3000 you can detect such leaks in an extremely easy way – and thus immediately save energy and a lot of money with every leak that has been eliminated. 

This also applies when checking plant components and rotating machines – without having to interrupt the ongoing operation, you can carry out regular ultrasound inspections with the measuring device to detect wear and potential damage at an early stage. Moreover, the SL3000 allows for tracing of electrical partial discharge at damaged insulation. 

Compact ultrasound testing device – with a variety of accessories

With the SL3000 measuring neither requires much time nor extensive training. By means of high-performance sound transducer technology and stereo headphones, ultrasonic signals are rendered audible and are at the same time displayed both numerically and indicatively. Depending on your needs, the SL3000 can be complemented with various airborne and structure-borne sound probes, which can be plugged onto the device in just one simple step. 

The robust measuring device was specifically designed for continuous use in rough industrial surroundings while being compact enough to easily fit into every pocket. An easy-to-read and backlit display with numeric and indicative display of measured values top off the convenient handling of this measuring device.

Complete set incl. transport case

Sound level measuring device SL3000 – in a practical, professional transport case!

The ultrasound measuring instrument SL3000 is delivered as a complete set in a transport case, including an airborne sound probe, a directional sound probe with plug-on tip, an acoustic horn for a greater range, stereo headphones with connection cable as well as an operating manual. 

A few practical benefits:

  • Equally compact and robust IP54 testing device for ultrasonic measurements
  • Simple detection of even the smallest leaks
  • Pinpoint leak detection with powerful sound transducer technology
  • Extremely soundproof stereo headphones allow for a safe detection even in noisy surroundings
  • Extensive range of plug-on airborne and structure-borne sound probes for various fields of application
  • Easy-to-read, backlit display with numeric and indicative display of measured values
  • Intuitive softkey handling with an additional maximum value display function
Using the directional sound probe, leaks at exposed lines can be located precisely.
Ultrasound measurement with directional sound probe
The optional structure-borne sound probe is ideally suited for non-destructive testing, e.g. to check rotating machine components for bearing wear.
Wear test with structure-borne sound probe
Practical detail: The inserts of the supplied case are already designed to accommodate further additional probes, e.g. the optionally available structure-borne sound probe (as shown).
Complete delivery in a carry case