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The efficient portal software for remote monitoring and the disposition of your drying installations

Simply handle all measurement runs and other activities with only one click directly from your office

With the DA 4 Qube and the MQDatamonitor you are at any time able to call up the drying process data of your installations in real time even from a distance, to gather information about the current status of the drying progress or to automatically receive a message as soon as the drying process is completed and the installation can be disassembled.

And the MQDatamonitor has even more to offer.

Manage all your drying installations in just one application, create documentations of the drying progress for your customers and gain a precise overview of the on-site climate conditions as well as of the current degree of moisture penetration of the various insulation layer areas.

Exclusively available for users of the DA 4 Qube

The use of MQDatamonitor is available exclusively for users of the DA 4 Qube at a small surcharge*.

Have your company profit from this enormous additional benefit of our drying control unit DA 4 Qube and capitalize on the manifold practical advantages this unique portal software has to offer!

The measured data is automatically read and transmitted by the DA 4 and can be viewed in MQDatamonitor via a separate menu item.
DA 4 Qube connected to the Qube via DA-VX connection cable

A few practical benefits:

  • Running all drying installations with only one application
  • Portal software – can be accessed from any place and device with the respective authentication
  • Exclusively available only for users of the DA 4 Qube – completely free of charge for a period of 2 years*
  • Quick overview of the activity status of all devices and the drying progress – renders expensive “on spec empty running” redundant
  • Automatic e-mail notifications for individually configurable event parameters
  • Simple documentation via print function or data export
  • Possibilities for defining global thresholds for all drying installations – if required these can be adjusted for individual installations
  • Automatic read-out intervals for all data by the connected insulation dryer (Qube or VX 5) and drying control unit DA 4 (Qube)
  • Many further time-saving comfort functions for yet more efficiency in terms of system monitoring and documentation

* Special low-cost 24-month packages with or without SIM card are available for using the connection server for data retrieval.

An additional benefit

MQDatamonitor is the exclusive portal software available to all users of the DA 4 Qube

In the device overview of MQDatamonitor you can quickly view all the important parameters for all drying installations at one glance.

With MQDatamonitor handling all your devices becomes a piece of cake.

After the authentication each DA 4 Qube is henceforth permanently displayed in the MQDatamonitor overview along with all important details.

For a quick identification you can assign a random name and the current location to every device. This assignment is permanently saved referring to the date, so when changing and renaming the location in the calendar listing of the device, all previous application sites can still be traced back.

Even if a great many devices are being used, owing to a comprehensive range of search and sorting functions with the MQDatamonitor you will never lose track.

The colour-coded device status [1] and drying process [2] let you know whether everything is fine with the installation and which drying phase has currently been reached.

In order to protect the value of your drying devices a critical heating of the room temperature will also be drawn to your attention by a certain colour code.

The drying process of each installation can either be displayed in form of a chart or as table in a separate window; it can be adjusted to meet individual criteria and if required also printed directly from the MQDatamonitor.

Inclusive of insulation dryer data

Provided you use Trotec insulation dryers with a DA 4 interface, you’ll have nothing else to worry about. The measured data is automatically read and transmitted by the DA 4 Qube and can be viewed in MQDatamonitor via a separate menu item.

Owing to the colour-coded display of the drying progress in MQDatamonitor and the optional automatic e-mail notification you are always in the know when a drying process is completed and the installation can be disassembled.

The rate of expensive “on spec” empty running can so be reduced to virtually zero.

This renders each of your drying processes a “standardized drying” with calculable drying periods, enabling a high degree of planning certainty regarding the employment of staff, material usage and calculation.

The detailed display contains the drying progress for the selected period of time. An alternative tabular representation of the measured values is also not a problem.

Take advantage of the full potential of smart software solutions

Combine the disposition possibilities of MQDatamonitor with the functional range of MultiMeasure Studio Professional to form the probably most comprehensive software all-in-one solution for all your measurement and restoration projects.

Underneath an easily manageable surface this software package comes with extremely efficient tools. The “integrated reporting system” for the generation of perfectly worded reports “as if by magic” is only one of countless functions to amaze you.

DA 4 Qube plus MQDatamonitor:

An ideal solution for remote monitoring and the disposition of your drying installations

  • Remote monitoring of the current device status and drying progress of all drying installations
  • Site scheduling incl. order-related application history
  • Automatic e-mail notifications for individually configurable event parameters
  • Simple print function for displayed process charts and tables
  • Data export as text file

Additional application of MultiMeasure Studio Professional:

Unique all-in-one solution for the management, analysis and report creation of all measurement and restoration projects

  • Direct import of DA 4 data via MQDatamonitor
  • Manifold possibilities for a decided analysis of the drying data
  • Unique automated report function for the creation of professional restoration and measurement reports in next to no time
  • Convenient Excel export function for all data
  • Data read-out of numerous measuring devices for a profound evaluation and chart representation
  • Backup function for all data