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Drying control unit DA 4 Qube

The overdrive for your low-pressure insulation drying operation


For water damage restorers: You can also find all relevant information about our insulation drying units in the product brochure. Download the PDF directly here.

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Smaller, lighter and considerable time saving along the way – based on the Qube+’s development objective we now also designed an apposite drying control unit.

The particularly compact drying control unit is tailored perfectly to the Qube+ and can be connected to it in just a few steps.

In doing so, an elaborate intermediate hose connection with water separator is no longer necessary, this simplifies the installation and saves both time and material.

DA 4 Qube: Perfect for the Qube+ – and it can be combined well with all other insulation dryers from your stock due to the optional DA adapter plate.

Positively indispensable – why you shouldn’t take a pass on using the DA 4 Qube for low-pressure drying

Using the doubly sensor-supported drying control unit DA 4 Qube for insulation drying, water damage restoration companies can now benefit from the advantages of intelligent control technology, as has long been customary e.g. for machines, industrial facilities or drive systems in terms of efficiency optimization.

As a consistent further development of their successful predecessors of the DA series – the pioneering systems for vacuum air circulation control for insulation drying – the know-how from comprehensive basic research, hundreds of test series and several months of practical application in the water damage restoration sector have had a bearing on the development of the DA 4 Qube.

Therefore, let your company take advantage of the superior efficiency of the DA 4 Qube and benefit during each drying application from the unique advantages of a “standardized drying” without break!

Patented Efidry sensor control

The patented, sensor-supported Efidry automatic control system of the DA 4 Qube ensures maximum efficiency during low-pressure insulation drying: With the identical equipment plus the DA 4 Qube you can dry areas of the same size in distinctly less time or considerably larger areas in the same time and remotely monitor the drying process in real time via the MQDatamonitor!

A few practical benefits:

  • Professional quality “made in Germany” – originally produced by Trotec
  • Depending on the case of damage, drying periods and energy costs can be reduced by 30 to 70 %
  • Areas of the same size can be dried faster and more economical or else areas larger by up to 30 % can be dried with the same equipment in the same time
  • Adapted to the Qube+ just as perfectly as it can be combined with all other insulation dryers from your stock
  • Yet more even and extremely fast insulation layer drying without places where moisture accumulates
  • Integrated USB flash drive as readable data storage device for the documentation of the drying process
  • The integrated modem for remote data retrieval renders on spec “empty running” obsolete
  • Illuminated multi-line display with “plain text” status messages
  • Efidry automatic control system with sensor-supported drying cycles developed especially for insulation drying
  • Active control of three separate drying zones – expandable by means of sub-distributors without difficulty
  • Sensor-controlled – no manual cycle time adjustment required – the DA 4 Qube always works fully automatically at the highest possible efficiency level
  • Easy handling: Connect hoses and Efidry humidity sensors, switch on, all done!

Extremely versatile – the new DA 4 Qube

In addition to carrying handle and multi-line status display the ultra-compact and very light DA 4 Qube comes with a convenient cable holder at the front and three winding discs for the sensor and antenna cables. The two humidity sensors are attached to the side of the device by means of holding clips.
DA 4 Qube
A quick and simple assembly is ensured by rear openings for the Qube’s hose connectors and two additional pin connectors for the positive-fit T-connection with the Qube+ as well as the two lateral clamping brackets. If required, the externally mounted antenna may be detached from the device for an improved transmitting capacity.
DA 4 Qube
For the combined application of the DA 4 Qube with insulation dryers from your stock, an optional DA adapter plate can be obtained. If mounted to the rear, you can benefit from the advantages of the extremely handy DA 4 Qube even during drying operations without Qube+.
DA 4 Qube
DA 4 Qube

Standard documentation of the drying process

Every DA 4 Qube comes with an integrated USB flash drive as measured data memory, where the climate data of the drying process are saved at regular intervals. After drying, the flash drive can simply be removed for reading. For the purpose of documentation, the structured data can be imported into any common spread sheet.

The flash drive comes with a recording capacity for 2,000 days of drying.


Yet more possibilities via modem

Every drying control unit is as standard provided with an integrated modem for remote data monitoring – SIM card* for 24 months included if requested.

This enables you to call up the data of the DA 4 Qube in real time via the MQDatamonitor, to find out about the current drying status and to automatically receive a message as soon as the drying process is completed and the installation can be disassembled. No more “on spec” empty running!

Coupled with the optionally available “MultiMeasure Studio Professional” software you have a powerful combination for the administration, analysis and report creation of your drying processes and your overall measuring projects at your disposal in only one application!

* Special low-cost 24-month packages with or without SIM card are available for using the connection server for data retrieval. Naturally, the DA 4 Qube can also be used with SIM cards from other suppliers.


Trocknungs-Steuereinheit DA 4 Qube + Portalsoftware mit SIM-Karte show in Trotec online shop

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
Hose connectors
  Number | Hose connectors 3
  Diameter [mm] 38
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 V/50 Hz
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
  Metal design
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 210
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 435
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 265
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 7.8
Equipment, features and functions
  Process air sensor
  Room air sensor
Determinable measured values room air sensor
  Relative humidity [% RH]
  Temperature [°C]
  Indication of mixing ratio room and process air [ g H2O / kg of air]
Determinable measured values process air sensor
  Relative humidity [% RH]
  Temperature [°C]
  Indication of mixing ratio process and room air [ g H2O / kg of air]
  Programmable microcontroller
  Programmable control unit
  GSM modem available
  Antenna available
  USB memory
  SIM card
  Data flat rate
Graphic display
  Number of lines 3
Accessories required for use
  Quad distributor (see accessories)
Analysis software
  MultiMeasure Studio Standard
  MultiMeasure Studio Professional
  Web portal

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available