15 HSS metal drill bits as complete set of Trotec brand quality
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15-piece HSS metal drill bit set

The ideal solution for professional metal drilling indoors and outdoors

15 metal twist drill bits made of durable HSS steel with a special surface finish i.e. titanium nitride coating

Be it alloyed or non-alloyed steel, iron, copper, sheet zinc, grey cast iron or bronze – with this 15-piece metal drill bit set you have all the twist drill bits required for drilling into the most diverse metals and hard plastics or Plexiglas. Owing to the cylindrical shank they can moreover be combined with all current drilling machines and cordless drill drivers.

The double-edged, right-hand cutting drill bit tip of this double-fluted metal drill bit made of high speed steel with titanium nitride coating has a maximum degree of hardness of 67 HRC and with 135° split point it is manufactured to DIN 1412C.

This renders these durable drill bits especially suitable for processing particularly hard materials and at the same time permits a substantially quicker drilling rate than with comparable drill bits having a 118° drill bit tip without split point and TiN coating. Borehole and blind hole depths of up to five times the drilling diameter are no problem using these professional HSS drill bits.

The metal drill bit set contains all drill sizes with a diameter between 1.5 and 10 mm in common increments – up until 2.5 mm even several pieces. For a better readability of the respective characteristics even after repeated use, the dimensions were stamped into the shaft of every drill bit.

The complete set is delivered in a stable plastic box which enables both the clean transportation and the suspension from a pegboard. All drill bits are firmly fitted and presorted in a fixed position, owing to an inclinable retainer they can easily be removed from the box.

A few practical benefits:

  • Complete set of Trotec brand quality
  • 15 metal twist drill bits made of durable HSS steel with a special surface finish i.e. titanium nitride coating
  • Can be used with cordless drill drivers and drilling machines of all makes
  • 135° drill bit tip with split point acc. to DIN 1412C – max. degree of hardness 67 HRC
  • High wear resistance and tool life
  • Universally applicable for drilling into iron, steel, non-ferrous metals*, grey cast iron and hard plastics
  • Many possible applications due to partial drill bit intermediate sizes
  • Delivered in a convenient storage box with integrated suspension lug for wall fastening when not in use

All important features at a glance

Trotec quality: HSS twist drill bits in accordance with DIN 338
Trotec quality: split point in accordance with DIN 1412 C
Trotec quality: high speed steel with titanium coating
Trotec quality: 135° drill bit tip
Trotec quality: Ideal for drilling into metal
split point in accordance with DIN 1412 C

15 HSS metal drill bits as complete set of Trotec brand quality.

* not suitable for use with aluminium


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Ob legierter oder unlegierter Stahl, Eisen, Kupfer, Zinkblech, Grauguss oder Bronze – mit diesem 15-teiligen Metallbohrer-Set verfügen Sie über alle Spiralbohrer, die Sie zum Bohren in den unterschiedlichsten Metallen und Hartkunststoffen oder Plexiglas benötigen.

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