For us special designed models belong to the standard scope

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For us special designed models belong to the standard scope

If you have individual wishes regarding your work tent, we like to show you the easy way. But one fact in advance: there is hardly any special request we cannot fulfil.

Due to their characteristics, most Trotec assembly work tents already in their standard version are ideally suited for most applications. In the standard design we deliberately passed on additional special components in order to optimize the cost effectiveness for you as customer. This way you can optionally add only those components you really need.

Which means there are manifold detailed solutions available for many different fields of use. Some of them are here compiled in a list. We'd be happy to advise you individually regarding further options.


Whether on the construction site or for emergency services - you can also find all the relevant information about our work tents and privacy screens in the product brochure. Download the PDF directly here.

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Accessories and further special designs:

  • Zipped carry bag
  • Grey reflective strips 5 cm
  • When purchasing at least 25 tents, the protective strips are optionally also available in grey or blue
  • Pipe connection for heating/ventilation (ø 400 mm)
  • Tent peg and rope set
  • Ventilation bar with grid/cloth
  • Repair set

Viewing window

Would you like more daylight? If desired, we install additional window modules in your side walls.

Variable tent entrance

As alternative to the standard tent entrance we gladly produce further triangular doors and other variants for additional entryways.

Supply openings

Especially during welding work the air in the tent quickly heats up tremendously. Provide your welders with an ideal air conditioning. At request we integrate one or more ventilation openings.

Tents with heater

For your work to continue uninterruptedly even in the deep of winter and for you to stay on schedule, we supply you with our oil heating units of the IDS series. You are reliably provided with warmth inside via combination hoses. Optionally you can also rent the IDS heaters.

We also bring your corporate design onto the tent

Set yourself apart from the crowd and by adding your corporate design turn our assembly work tents into a striking sign of your commitment: No matter if you want to attach your logo or use the corporate colours.

Of course you also remain flexible with a tent in your own corporate design. For each tent you can buy or rent accessories and expand the tents, naturally nothing changes the simplicity of pitching.
Simple and effective through your logo!

Tents with fan

No matter if for the aeration or deaeration of your tent, the fans of our TTV series can do both. They provide fresh air for the tent via fan-spiral hoses or exhaust e.g. fine particulates. The fans can either be bought or rented.