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Trotec extension cable
Quality extension cable 230 V (16 A) - 15 m
Quality extension cable 230 V (16 A) - 25 m
Professional extension cable 230 V (16 A) – Made in Germany
Professional extension cable 400 V (16 A) – Made in Germany
Professional extension cable 400 V (32 A) – Made in Germany
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Professional extension cables

Premium quality for demanding applications.

Professional extension cable
Professional extension cable

The professional yellow Trotec cables.

Our 20 metre professional extension cables impress with tried and tested Trotec quality "made in Germany". Depending on the required input voltage, we offer robust extension cables ranging from 230 V (16 A) to 400 V (16 A) and up to 400 V (32 A), which more than meet the harsh requirements e.g. on construction sites. Their clearly visible yellow sheathing serves both as a trip and theft protection, since the imprinted Trotec logo can be immediately recognized everywhere. But our professional cables also offer a lot of inner values: they can impress with careful workmanship of German high-quality manufacturing with IP44 type of protection. Anything but China import or DIY store products! The cable sheathing made of oil- and acid-resistant neoprene rubber complies with the regulations for construction sites stipulated by the German Employer's Liability Insurance Association and can be used in ambient temperatures between -25 °C and +60 °C. Be it dehumidifiers, air conditioners, power tools, insulation dryers, gas heaters, electric heaters or oil heater fans – not only Trotec's extensive range of products can be reliably connected with these high-quality cables.

High-quality extension cables.

When lawn-mowing in the garden, during your housework, for you power tools, or when connecting your stereo equipment for a party in the basement – in all these cases, you should better rely on premium brand quality from Trotec. The quality extension cable 15 m / 230 V / 1.5 mm² helps you to always stay flexible. The red signal colour of the rubber sheathing strikes the eye and prevents trip hazards. The outer casing of the IP44 protected and thus splash-proof cable is suitable for ambient temperatures ranging from -35 °C to +60 °C. To protect children from electric shock, the integrated child lock prevents objects from being inserted into the safety socket. For with Trotec, safety and quality always come first.

Quality extension cable
Quality extension cable

Strong in use: The extension cables from Trotec

No matter whether you need 230 V or 400 V – with Trotec’s robust professional extension cables you can stay flexible during demanding applications.
Professional extension cables – used on the construction site
Even if there is no power outlet nearby on the construction site, working is easily possible thanks to the extension cables being up to 20 m long.
Professional extension cables – used in bare brickwork
Quality makes a difference. For full freedom of movement during gardening work or for flexible indoor use.
Professional extension cables – used for gardening
Eye-catching trip protection! Due to the red or yellow signal colour the extension cables are always easy to recognize on the ground.
Professional extension cables – signal colour

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