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Diamond cutting disc set of Trotec brand quality
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Diamond cutting disc set

Continuous, segmented and 2 x turbo – all types of cutting edges in a convenient special offer pack

Professional cutting discs in accordance with EN 13236

With this set you always have the right grit. Continuous, segmented and 2 x turbo cutting edge included in a pack of Trotec brand quality! All diamond cutting discs of this set were manufactured under high quality and safety standards in accordance with EN 13236.

The four-part accessories set for hand-held angle grinders consists of a continuous edge diamond cutting disc AD 110 DW, a segmented diamond cutting disc AD 115 DD and two turbo diamond cutting discs AD 115 DB:

Continuous edge diamond cutting disc AD 110 DW

Continuous edge diamond cutting disc AD 110 DW

This sintered diamond cutting disc with a continuous cutting edge of only 1.2 mm and a diameter of 110 mm impresses by producing clean cuts while running smoothly.

The 6 mm wide cutting segment of the AD 110 contains a high concentration of diamonds for a long lifetime and was specially designed for fine processing of fragile materials such as tiles, marble or ceramics by wet cutting.

1 disc included in the set

Segmented diamond cutting disc AD 115 DD

Segmented diamond cutting disc AD 115 DD

Thanks to narrow slots with slot holes, the 8 mm wide cutting segments of the AD 115 DD ensure both good heat resistance and material removal for fast dry cutting of concrete or roofing tiles as well as abrasive materials such as screed.

The sintered, segmented diamond cutting disc AD 115 DD has excellent universal characteristics, and its high concentration of diamonds guarantees a long lifetime.

1 disc included in the set

Turbo diamond cutting discs AD 115 DB

Turbo diamond cutting discs AD 115 DB

The AD 115 DB is our universal solution for wet and dry cutting of virtually all building materials. It combines high durability and performance for unproblematic cutting with neat results thanks to the 8 mm turbo cutting edge. The latter not only ensures clean cutting results but also effective cooling of the cutting disc.

For this reason you can use the AD 115 DB to economically process the most varied materials including concrete, brick, tiles, granite or other kinds of hard stone and fine stoneware, and cut them neatly with a cutting width of 1.2 mm without effort. The integrated cooling holes ensure good heat dissipation, smooth running and a reduced noise level.

2 discs included in the set

A few practical benefits:

  • Professional cutting discs in accordance with EN 13236
  • Trotec brand quality with MPA test certificate (Materials Testing Office)
  • High cutting capacity and durability
  • Sintered segment connection with a high concentration of diamonds
  • Turbo cutting edge for fast wet and dry cutting (AD 115 DB)
  • Segment cutting edge for dry cutting of abrasive materials (AD 115 DD)
  • Closed cutting edge for cutting tiles (AD 110 DW)

Important features at one glance:

Diamond abrasive grain
Rotational speed 13,000/13,800 rpm
Max. circumferential speed 80 m/s
Continuous edge disc ø 110 mm
Segmented disc ø 115 mm
Turbo disc ø 115 mm
Hole diameter 22.23 mm
Cutting disc thickness 1.2 mm
Ideal for fast, economical separation cuts
Ideally suited for cutting concrete
Ideally suited for cutting tiles
Ideal for wet cutting of marble
Ideal for dry cutting of roofing tiles
Ideal for dry cutting of masonry


Diamant-Trennscheiben-Set 110/115 show in Trotec online shop

Diamant-Trennscheiben-Set 110/115

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