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10-piece set of abrasive belts

A professional set comprising 6 different grain sizes for all kinds of wood grinding applications

Processing wood to perfection

For modernization, renovation, restoration work or the proverbial finishing touch: the highly efficient, low-wear abrasive belts from Trotec are always the first choice when it comes to working on planks, boards, beams or wooden furniture. Rough surfaces can be smoothened without difficulty, glue residues can be sanded down, coats of paint can be removed and edges rounded. Possible sandpaper applications range from the removal of stains to large-scale material removal – for instance also of slightly bent surfaces. With the 10-piece set of abrasive belts from Trotec you can rely on durable, high-quality products supporting the projects of professional craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Ranging from coarse to fine – an allround set suitable for every scenario

The grit of the abrasive belt sets is made of high-class corundum. With the different grain sizes of 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and up to 150 the abrasive belts are ideally suited for any type of wooden surface processing. A variety of tasks such as stripping or smoothing, the removal of paint, varnish and adhesive as well as grinding corners, edges and rebates down until flush can be accomplished quickly and reliably.

Highly compatible, versatile and durable

The belt sandpapers sized 457 x 75 mm fit perfectly onto commercially available belt sanders with the corresponding holding fixture. The 10-piece set is also an ideal supplement for the belt sander PBSS 10-600 from Trotec.   Regardless of whether you're dealing with extensive grinding work on a large scale or the surface polishing of high-class objects leaving no score marks – with this set of abrasive belts you always have a sandpaper of the right grain size at hand. And owing to the fabric-reinforced synthetic resin bonded belts you can benefit from the combination of high removal rate and low wear even under heavy duty conditions.

Which grit is to be used for which type of application?

The set of abrasive belts from Trotec contains sandpapers with 6 different grain sizes. Which grit best suits which application depends on the condition of the initial surface and on the desired result or the intended surface appearance. Coarse, medium or fine grit – for ideal results we recommend using the following abrasive belts from our set:

Coarse grit (1 x 40 and 2 x 60)

With the coarse grain sizes 40 and 60 you can start processing rough surfaces on boards, planks or old furniture. Coarse-grained sandpaper removes a lot of material in a short period of time – this ensure a fast work progress which is especially suited for removing scratches, discontinuities and surface irregularities. But the sanded surface is still relatively rough.

Medium grit (1 x 80 and 2 x 100)

Following the rough grinding you can use the abrasive belts of grain size 80 and 100 to refine your result. The medium-grained belts are also excellently suited for removing any paint or adhesive residues. An already very smooth wooden surface on the other hand can be roughened up a little for subsequent painting.

Fine grit (2 x 120 and 2 x 150)

For the perfect finishing touches we recommend using the two sandpapers with the finest grit (120 and 150). Afterwards you can run your fingers along a silk-smooth wooden surface. Fine sanding is also the best preparation for a later treatment of the wood with oil or wax.

Using the 10-piece set of efficient abrasive belts from Trotec you are optimally prepared to achieve ideal results with all customary belt sanders with the corresponding holding fixture.

Application of an abrasive belt
Ranging from coarse to fine

A few practical benefits:

  • Professional 10-piece set for manifold wood grinding applications
  • 6 grain sizes ranging from coarse to fine: 1 x 40, 2 x 60, 1 x 80, 2 x 100, 2 x 120, 2 x 150
  • Size: 457 x 75 mm − suitable for all customary belt sanders with the corresponding holding fixture
  • High level of resilience owing to high-quality belt
  • Synthetic resin bonded corundum grit for a long lifetime
  • I.a. suited for grinding, smoothing, stripping, rounding edges and removing paint

Trotec's PBSS 10-600

Product tip:
Perfect your grinding work by using the belt sander PBSS 10-600.

The high-performance 600 W motor of Trotec's belt sander PBSS 10-600 guarantees a high removal rate – be the material wood, plastic or metal including steel. Ideally suited for sharpening, smoothing, stripping, deburring and derusting. The slim front roller permits sanding close to the edge.

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