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Cable drum PVD2 from Trotec
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Cable drum PVD2

PVD – the best cable drum for sure: flexible for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for construction sites, workshops or industrial areas

The ergonomic handle of the PVD2 offers a high carrying comfort
25 m connecting cable ensuring a large operating range
With its IP54 type of protection, the PVD2 can be used indoors and outdoors

Professional power distribution to go

Mobile cable drums solve a seemingly simple problem: whenever the way to the nearest socket is too far away or there are fewer sockets available than electrical appliances planned for use at the place of work, using a cable drum is simply the best solution.

But does a seemingly simple solution fit to a seemingly simple problem? In any case, the range of cable drums seems unmanageably large, the price fluctuations are sometimes considerable, and many offers look very similar at first sight. That’s why it’s definitely worth taking a second look ...

Drum roll for the PVD2 cable drum: high-quality, functional, safe

When it comes to the power connection, it’s always best to play it safe and therefore to opt for a robust PVD cable drum in proven Trotec quality – for instance the cable drum PVD2:

With a maximum power input of 3.6 kW on a total of three splash-proof and dust-proof safety sockets, the PVD2 with its IP54 enclosure offers not only safe possibilities for continuous use indoors and outdoors and with its 25-metre connecting cable a very large operating range. In addition, the PVD2 is also provided with numerous equipment details which allow for an even greater application comfort and reliability.

Practically usable, practically indestructible

Even over long distances, the ergonomic carrying handle facilitates transporting the PVD2 to the operating site where it can be safely positioned thanks to the broad support points. If a change of location is to take place or for the warehouse, two integrated plug holders provide for additional storage of the plugs, and together with the locking brake arranged in the centre, trip hazards caused by unwinding cables are a thing of the past.

And because the PVD2 is equipped with an especially stable crank to ensure optimum handling, the connecting cable with its length of 25 metres can be quickly and easily wound and unwound at the site of operation.

In the wound off state, three individually exchangeable safety sockets offer you the possibility of connecting electrical devices with an overall power of max. 3.6 kW. Each individual dust-proof and splash-proof socket is equipped with a sealing edge and self-closing spring-loaded folding cover.

Together with the thermal protection switch and recesses in the drum for the purpose of drainage, the PVD2 offers you maximum safety.

With the PVD2, professionals are never on the wrong track

The robust PVD2 has been specially developed and equipped for professional applications in rough operational environments. Jamming sockets or sluggish plugging in and unplugging are out of place here. This is why we have deliberately dispensed with a child protection mechanism for the sockets of these cable drums.

High-quality cable drum PVD2 with IP54 protection type

Cable drum PVD2 – safely equipped

In order to ensure safe use, the PVD2 comes equipped as a standard with a thermal protection switch.
Thermal protection switch
The robust, resistant cable of the type H07RN-F 3G1.5 is designed for a high mechanical load and is ideally suited for tough demands on construction sites and in the industrial sector.
Construction site cable H07RN-F 3G1.5
The crank at the front is characterized by a high stability and provides the perfect grip for quick winding or unwinding.
Stable crank for optimum handling
Each of the two skids accommodates a connector storage space for safely stowing away the connector during transport.
Connector storage spaces integrated on both sides
The handle of the PVD2 is shaped ergonomically and placed in an ideal centre of gravity to ensure convenient transport.
Ergonomically shaped handle
At the rear, the PVD2 is provided with a rotary braking knob that is integrated centrally in the axis, by means of which unintentional unwinding of the cable can be prevented.
Braking system integrated centrally in the axis
With its length of 25 metres the robust connecting cable of the PVD2 offers a large application radius.
25 m cable for a wide operating range
Several recesses in the drum allow for its quick drainage.
Recesses for drainage
The PVD2 is equipped with three individually exchangeable safety sockets to which electrical appliances with a total max. performance of 3.6 kW can be connected.
Three safety sockets for max. 3.6 kW
The PVD2 practically remains stable in every application situation, since the wide supporting points of their skids ensure a high tilt stability.
Secure footing due to broad support points
Jamming sockets or sluggish plugging in and unplugging are out of place when it comes to professional applications. This is why we have deliberately dispensed with a child protection mechanism for the sockets of the PVD2.
Designed for professional applications
As a guarantor for long-standing reliability the PVD2 is designed in an extremely robust fashion and is manufactured of high-quality plastics.
Robust design of high-quality plastics

A few practical benefits:

  • Cable drum of high-quality plastics with IP54 type of protection,
    a 25-metre connecting cable and three safety sockets
  • Convenient carrying characteristics due to ergonomic handle
  • Additional safety due to thermal protection switch
  • Drainage through openings in the drum
  • Stable crank for optimum handling
  • Braking system integrated centrally in the axis
  • Slots for safe plug storage
  • Secure footing due to broad support points


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Technical data
General information
  Article number 7.333.000.367
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
  Number of safety sockets 3
  Cable length [m] 25
  Cable cross-section [mm²] 1.5
  Max. power, rolled up [W] 1,300
  Max. power, unreeled [W] 3,600
  Rated voltage [V] 250
  Nominal current consumption [A] 16
Safety feature
  Type of protection IP54
Ambient conditions
  Storage - min. temperature [°C] -30
  Storage - max. temperature [°C] 50
Functions and features
  Thermal circuit breaker
  Braking system
  Plug storage spaces
  Contact protection
  Carry/transport handle(s)
Housing design
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 8

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available

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