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INOX cutting disc package of Trotec brand quality
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INOX metal cutting disc AD 125 MI in a special offer pack of 12

For clean and fast cutting of stainless steel

Professional cutting disc in accordance with EN 12413

When processing stainless steel with hand-held angle grinders, the composition of the cutting disc abrasive must in any case be free of iron, sulphur and chloride in order to reliably prevent the formation of rust on the cut edges. Therefore, when selecting a cutting disc, better play it safe and choose the professional metal cutting disc AD 125 MI in tried and tasted Trotec brand quality for INOX processing.

The AD 125 MI, which is compatible with all hand-held angle grinders, is a powerful INOX metal cutting disc of Trotec brand quality complying with EN 12413 and approved with an MPA test certificate. Thanks to grain size 60, hardness Q and a cutting width of 1.2 mm for clean and fast cuts, it is the ideal solution for economical cutting of stainless steel, offering a long lifetime even in standard steel.

The abrasive used on the AD 125 MI is corundum which is specially suited for stainless steel and free of iron, sulphur and chloride. Corundum is the fourth hardest mineral in the world and is characterized by a high degree of hardness and toughness, which is why it is particularly well suited for high cutting performance.

The fibre-reinforced synthetic resin bonded fabric keeps the corundum abrasive grains of the metal cutting disc AD 125 MI at an ideal distance from each other and thus guarantees best material properties for tough use and economical dry cutting at a high circumferential speed of up to 80 m/s.

The thin 1.2 mm cutting disc enables very clean and fast cutting in stainless and standard steel with minimum effort, and processing with millimetric precision.

A few practical benefits:

  • Professional cutting disc in accordance with EN 12413
  • Trotec brand quality with MPA test certificate (Materials Testing Office)
  • Corundum abrasive specially suited for stainless steel
  • Grain size 60 (medium) – ideal for fast and economical cutting work
  • Hardness Q (hard) – ideally suited for stainless steel
  • Fibre-reinforced synthetic resin bonded fabric (BF) for a high degree of stability

Important features at one glance:

Disc diameter 125 mm
Rotational speed 12,250 rpm
Max. circumferential speed 80 m/s
Hole diameter 22.23 mm
Cutting disc thickness 1.2 mm
Ideal for fast, economical dry cutting
Ideally suited for cutting stainless steel


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