Cutting and roughing disc set of Trotec brand quality
Cutting and roughing disc set of Trotec brand quality
Cutting and roughing disc set of Trotec brand quality
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Cutting and roughing disc set

Eleven discs in a special offer pack – our pro selection for economical cutting, grinding or deburring

Professionelle skæreskiver i henhold til EN 12413

Reliable cutting and roughing discs are indispensable accessories for hand-held angle grinders. After all, the discs' maximum circumferential speed of 80 m/s corresponds to the speed of a racing car at 288 km/h. Therefore, put your trust in the safety provided by brand cutting discs of professional quality – for instance favourably calculated in a convenient complete set:

This 11-part accessories set can be used with all hand-held angle grinders and contains five metal cutting discs AD 125 M, five stone cutting discs AD 125 S and one metal roughing disc AD 125 MG – all of them of Trotec brand quality with an MPA test certificate:

All cutting and roughing discs in this set have a fibre-reinforced synthetic resin bonded fabric keeping the abrasive grains at an ideal distance from each other and thus guaranteeing best material properties for tough use and dry cutting at a high circumferential speed of up to 80 m/s.

Due to their depressed-centre design, the discs' structure is additionally reinforced, which contributes to an improved and stabilised guidance for clean cutting and grinding.

Metal cutting disc AD 125 M

Metal cutting disc AD 125 M

Thanks to grain size 36, hardness P and a cutting width of 3.2 mm for a longer lifetime and high resilience, this cutting disc is the ideal solution for economical cutting of metal and sheet metal.

The abrasive used on the AD 125 M is corundum specially suited for metal, which – being the fourth hardest mineral in the world – is characterized by an enormous toughness. This is why it is particularly well suited for high cutting performance.

5 discs included in the set

Stone cutting disc AD 125 S

Stone cutting disc AD 125 S

The bonded silicon carbide abrasive on this disc has a high degree of thermal conductivity, which – combined with the material's hardness – makes silicon carbide abrasive grains the ideal abrasive for mineral materials.

For this reason the AD 125 S with grain size 30, hardness P and a cutting width of 3.2 mm for a longer lifetime is the ideal solution for fast cutting of concrete, natural stone, roofing tiles or sand lime bricks.

5 discs included in the set

Metal roughing disc AD 125 MG

Metal roughing disc AD 125 MG

This disc contains corundum bonded in multiple glass-fibre layers, which is specially suited for rough-grinding of metal. Corundum is extremely tough and therefore particularly well suited for high cutting performance with high grinding action.

With a thickness of 6 mm, grain size 30 and hardness P the AD 125 MG is a particularly efficient cutting accessory even at low contact pressure, and is ideally suited for economical processing of weld seams and surfaces.

1 disc included in the set

A few practical benefits:

  • Professional cutting discs in accordance with EN12413
  • Trotec brand quality with MPA test certificate (Materials Testing Office)
  • Complete set for processing stone and metal
  • High lifetime for effective, cost-saving working
  • All cutting discs in depressed-centre design with fibre-reinforced synthetic resin bonded fabric (BF) for a high degree of stability

Important features at one glance:

Disc diameter 125 mm
Rotational speed 12,250 min-1
Max. circumferential speed 80 m/s
Hole diameter 22.23 mm
Disc thickness 3.2/6 mm
Depressed-centre design
Ideal for fast, economical dry cutting
Ideal for grinding, deburring and smoothing
Ideal for processing stone materials
Ideal for processing metal materials


Trenn- und Schruppscheiben-Set (11-teilig) im Trotec Webshop zeigen

Trenn- und Schruppscheiben-Set (11-teilig)

Dieses 11-teilige Zubehör-Set kann mit allen handgeführten Winkelschleifern verwendet werden und enthält fünf Metall-Trennscheiben AD 125 M, fünf Stein-Trennscheiben AD 125 S und eine Metall-Schruppscheibe AD 125 MG – alle in Trotec-Markenqualität mit MPA-Prüfzeugnis.

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