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Practical knowledge concerning dehumidifiers

Overview of techniques, the functional principle and possible applications of the various device categories

Condenser dryer or desiccant dehumidifier, refrigerant compression or Peltier technology, air circulation or hot gas defrosting? If you are looking for the ideal device to provide an optimum room climate with perfect humidity values, you may easily lose track of things in view of the manifold options and techniques.

Therefore at this point we step forward to unerringly guide you through this jungle of devices. Benefit from the comprehensive overview of the device differences, functional principles and possible applications provided in the following chapters:

Here you can access basic knowledge regarding humidity …

Basic knowledge regarding humidity – relative is everything

A basic knowledge of the subject of humidity is rather helpful for a better understanding of how the technology used by the various device classes differs and hence to best keep your rooms dry. You see, the air cannot absorb an unlimited amount of water. There is a saturation limit. This chapter provides you with all the relevant basics relating to humidity. It deals with theory, to be sure, but this is not an altogether dry subject – promise!

Chapter 1: Reading this you’ll become an expert on the subject of dehumidification – off you go …

Find out more about the dehumidification methods …

Dehumidification methods – condensation and desiccation

To withdraw excess moisture from the room air effectively and permanently, the only technical solution available is dehumidification, either by condensation or desiccation. This chapter will tell you why and further provide information on all the important differences as well as the operating principle of both methods. It also explains why “just heating” the room simply cannot succeed in eliminating excessive humidity levels.

Chapter 2: Direct link to the overview of dehumidification methods …

Read up on all the facts worth knowing about condenser dryers with compressor technology …

Condenser dryers with compressor technology

What is the compressor all about and why is the type of defrost system so decisive for the device efficiency?

Chapter 2.1:
Facts worth knowing about condenser dryers with compressor technology …

Read up on all the facts worth knowing about condenser dryers with Peltier technology …

Condenser dryers with Peltier technology

Why do these dehumidifiers bear the name “Peltier” and what are the consequent restrictions?

Chapter 2.2:
Facts worth knowing about condenser dryers with Peltier technology …

Read up on all the facts worth knowing about desiccant dehumidifiers …

Desiccant dehumidifiers

Dehumidification without conden­­sation – merely by use of hygroscopic sorbents?
How so?

Chapter 2.3:
Facts worth knowing about desiccant dehumidifiers …

Summary of all selection factors …

Which dehumidification method for which purpose?

By having read all previous chapters you have truly gained expert status. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the different functional principles of the various device groups only one question remains: “Which method is best suited for which purpose”? Other important factors are for instance the room temperature, operating costs, the effective radius and functional range and last but not least: infiltration.

Chapter 3: Summary of all selection factors – including a brief overview of the device-specific application possibilities …

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