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Comfort dehumidifier TTK-E-S

Whether for the home, office, garage or weekend house – the low-cost dehumidifiers of the TTK-E-S compact class offer you comfortable protection from moisture and corrosion ...

Good choice, good devices – with a dehumidifier from the TTK-E-S compact class, you get more than you paid for in more ways than one:

Europe’s best-selling compact dehumidifier series offers not only the appropriate model for all needs, whether you need to keep your living spaces dry or protect your valuables, archives, collections or stored goods from corrosion, while avoiding follow-up costs due to moisture damages.

With each dehumidifier, you benefit from an outstanding price-performace-ratio from a leading manufacturer with own production, technical service and technical workshops.

Do not wait until damp clothing, musty smells and patchy walls or mould stains on books or textiles appear as the first warning signs of moisture damage. For example, did you know that mould can already form at 70 % humidity – and rust at just 60 %?

With a Trotec comfort dehumidifier, you can effectively prevent these damages, while also significantly improving your perceived room climate.

Thanks to its mobility and compact dimensions, our devices can also be flexibly used in other rooms rather than just living rooms, for example, dehumidification in wine cellars, store rooms, laundries, laboratories or workshops.

By connecting an external condensation drain, these dehumidifiers are also perfect for keeping areas dry for extended times without supervision, for example, holiday homes, shops, boats and many more.

Mobile, quiet, practical and elegant – just position it, switch it on and your rooms stay constantly dry!