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Accessories for restoration work

Our range of accessories for the remediation of water damage and restoration

Equipment for insulation drying?

You are looking for machines or accessories for insulation drying?

In our range of machines and accessories relating to insulation drying you will find side channel compressors, water separators, silencers, micro filters, HEPA filters, connection nozzles and multi-stage filter systems for insulation drying units.

Speaking of: measuring drying installations...

Use the T3000 with anemometer sensor to check the capacity of your drying installations during insulation drying after water damage!

Example T3000This tool not only enables a quick and accurate assessment of whether there is a sufficient air flow at the relief openings to dry out the insulation layer. The T3000 is also a digital high-precision multifunction measuring meter of the MultiMeasure series with connection facilities for various SDI sensors. Simply by changing the sensor you can also use this multifunction measuring meter as capacitive material moisture measuring instrument, thermohygrometer or microwave moisture sensor! Furthermore, resistance electrodes for measuring building moisture can also be connected to the T3000.

Renovation is no trouble at all. With field-tested and useful aides for all life situations and for every application. Our versatile accessory program for water damage restoration and renovation ensures a good handling.