Trotec floor inlays

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Trotec floor inlays

Visual restoration made easy

If the insulation layer has to be dried after water damage, flooring such as tiles, natural stone or parquet is often in the way.

If the flooring is damaged in the course of repairing the cause of water damage or during the drying process, at worst the entire top floor layer has to be replaced. This is not only time-consuming and expensive, it also entails considerable dirt, dust and noise exposure.

If it is not possible to remove tiles without damage or to obtain spare tiles for replacement, the use of Trotec floor inlays is the ideal alternative for restoration.

With Trotec inlays for the visual restoration of flooring after water damage both the duration of drying process preparations and blemishes can be minimized.

All Trotec floor inlays are high-quality products and available as a matching or contrasting counterpart for virtually every decor. Their high quality ensures that your top layer floors are fully restored to serviceability.

A visual improvement might also be brought about by an appealing laying pattern.

A few practical benefits:

  • Cost reduction due to significantly reduced restoration effort
  • All expenses can be calculated in advance – no unexpected follow-up costs
  • Substantially shorter restoration duration
  • Quicker reusability of the rooms in question
  • Minimized dirt, dust and noise exposure
  • Flexible positioning – suitable for all systems
  • Comprehensive range of colours and decors
  • Royalty-free solution without contract obligations

With Trotec floor inlays in just a few steps to the perfect result

Determining the laying pattern

Step 1: Determining the laying pattern

When inspecting the area to be dried with your customer, an inlay decor to go with the flooring is selected. Then the design pattern will be determined: ornamental bore holes can be included for a more harmonious laying pattern in addition to those required for the drying

Drilling deep and shallow holes

Step 2: Drilling deep and shallow holes

Based on the determined laying pattern now all the required shallow holes for the inlays are drilled. Then the deep holes extending to the insulation layer for drying are drilled.

Insulation drying

Step 3: Insulation drying

When all deep bore holes have been drilled, the insulation drying process can be commenced.

Installation of the Trotec floor inlays

Step 4: Installation of the Trotec floor inlays

Upon completion of the drying process all deep drying holes are first filled up to the level of the ornamental shallow holes, then the floor inlays are simply pasted in by use of the thin-bed adhesion method and finally grouted with the colour geared to the flooring.

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