Door gap nozzle PlanoPro

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Door gap nozzle PlanoPro

One of a kind – Trotec exclusive

Modern insulation drying units enable the drying of large areas with only one centrally positioned device installation, from where appropriate hose connections are laid into the concerned rooms.

The usage of door gap nozzles provides the user with decisive additional benefits:

For one thing, thanks to the hose connection employing door gap nozzles, the doors of the rooms to be dried can remain closed and locked.

If there are condenser dryers installed, the drying period can be noticeably reduced by hermetic air circulation.

Furthermore, the complete drying installation can flexibly be transferred to those rooms, which result in minimum sound nuisance for the aggrieved person.

The combination of modern, silent insulation drying units, additional silencers and noise emission-optimized location enables 24-hour continuous operation of the devices in almost every damage scenario, also during the night, which leads to a considerably reduced drying period.

If door gap nozzle, then PlanoPro...

The PlanoPro door gap nozzle was especially designed for this purpose by experts and practice-optimized in many elaborate test series.

Only the patented PlanoPro door gap nozzle works according to a fluid mechanics method with optimum flow design, which ensures a substantially higher flow rate as opposed to competitive products.

Naturally, the PlanoPro door gap nozzle generates no "whistling noises" as it can arise from conventional nozzles. Such "whistling" is not only disturbing, but also vivid proof of the performance loss and poor flow geometry.

Furthermore, security-sensitive premises can be dried effectively, for the doors can be locked and the rooms protected against unauthorized access.

This way, corresponding contractual requirements on behalf of the regulating insurer can be met without difficulty.

Shorter drying periods, more flexibility and higher customer satisfaction are decisive advantages speaking for the use of door gap nozzles.

Prerequisite is, however, that the "inner values" keep the promise of the exterior. For not every construction bearing the name "door gap nozzle" meets this requirement in reality!

Despite the high flow rate, the designers managed to keep the width of the PlanoPro door gap nozzle extremely compact with only 40 cm, so that with common door widths two PlanoPros can be installed side by side without difficulty.

In addition to connections for two 38 or 50 mm hoses each, the patented PlanoPro door gap nozzle comes with an option for quick fastening of a special protector for sensitive top floor layers – easily exchangeable via Velcro® fastener.

Regarding accessories also put your trust in the advantages of a grand brand:

The patented Trotec door gap nozzle PlanoPro is a robust and durable high-quality product with practice-optimized construction details and best possible flow geometry!

A few practical benefits:

  • Optimum flow geometry
  • Patented construction
  • No "whistling noises"
  • Versatile
  • Small, light and handy
Original Trotec PlanoPro 4

Original Trotec PlanoPro 4

Patented door gap nozzle to connect two 38/50 mm hoses, 400 mm wide.
Inclusive of abrasion-resistant protector for sensitive top floor layers.


Türschlitzdüse PlanoPro 4 inkl. Protector im Trotec Webshop zeigen

Türschlitzdüse PlanoPro 4 inkl. Protector

Höhere Kundenzufriedenheit: Mithilfe der Türschlitzdüse können die Türen der zu trocknenden Räume geschlossen bleiben und das Trocknungsaggregat kann in Räume ausgelagert werden, wo die Geräuschbeeinträchtigung am geringsten ist. Das fluidmechanische Verfahren verhindert dabei Pfeifgeräusche.

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
  Number 4
  Diameter [mm] 38 mm/50 mm
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 400
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 157
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 74
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 1.7

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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