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Mobile condensation dehumidifiers

Reliable, durable and constantly mobile: The condensation dehumidifiers from Trotec score primarily in case of changing deployment in trade and industry as well as at home.

A solid and cost-effective way to dehumidify air or dry construction material is to make use of a mobile condensation dryer. It quickly and easily sucks in humid air and cools it down until the humidity condenses inside the device – just at the place where drying is required. The major advantage of this process is that the humidity level gradually decreases – while the energy consumption is kept low.

Whether in a workshop, on a building site, in a warehouse, in a laboratory or in the private sector – with the mobile condensation dehumidifiers from Trotec you are ideally equipped for changing applications.

Trotec dehumidifiers cover almost every need. We offer mobile devices of all performance classes: ranging from robust and extremely powerful dehumidification pros to reliably drying, user-friendly all-rounders up to compact and comfortable dehumidifiers in an attractive design. When choosing your mobile dehumidification solution, there is nothing left to be desired.

The mobile condenser dryers of the TTK pro series, which are perfectly suited for construction drying, fulfil every task – even at low temperatures and in rough conditions. Thanks to modern and reliable technology, they are among the best building dryers in Europe. The solid standard class includes commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK‑S series and the TTK‑ECO series from Trotec. They impress with a high dehumidification performance and many other features. For use on building sites, in trade, in warehouses and laboratories – just fantastic! Convenient protection from humidity and corrosion particularly in the private sector is offered by the models of the TTK‑E‑S series. The comfort dehumidifiers are cost-effective and powerful aids at home, in the office and in garages – and they come in an attractive design. Our range of products is large – the choice is yours!

Innovative central chassis – both robust and service-friendly
Low-maintenance modular design
TTK 500 and TTK 900 MP - Mobile construction dryers of the TTK professional series

Construction dryers of the TTK pro series

Trotec has always been standing for professional drying devices. Solutions for construction and water damage drying are the nucleus of our company. Therefore, providing first-class equipment for these areas is an integral part of our corporate DNA. Committed to this claim, we have consistently developed the successful TTK construction dryer series and improved it even more.

Durability, robustness, reliability, high dehumidification performance and value retention, these characteristics define the coordinate system of an outstanding construction dryer – and our current TTK pro series follows this concept more uncompromisingly than ever before!

The construction dryers TTK 500 and TTK 900 MP have everything a pro's heart desires – and nothing you don't really need!

No superfluous "bells and whistles" to increase costs, reduce reliability or complicate maintenance or cleaning. Instead we focus on the essentials: robust technology that is equally characterized by high reliability, mobility and dehumidification capacity, especially in cool environments.

No plastics, but an almost indestructible steel sheet construction for tough everyday use with optimum handling characteristics and an innovative central chassis for easy disassembly – and with plug-in electronics modules that can easily be replaced on site. All contributing to maximum operating times and minimized service times!

Commercial dehumidifier TTK 125 S
Commercial dehumidifier TTK 355 S
Commercial dehumidifier TTK 175 S
Commercial dehumidifier TTK 655 S

Commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK‑S series

With the pioneering TTK S commercial dehumidifiers, you can now benefit from a variety of detailed solutions which save you time, enhance your performance and secure value retention – attractively combined in the practice-optimized German industrial design - protected design patent.

Also protected – from dust and dampness, that is – are all electrical components of the devices. A special enclosure improves the protection of the electronic equipment from anything dangerous which may enter and impair the functionality and durability. This enclosure makes these commercial dehumidifiers also predestined for use in harsh conditions.

Due to its extremely low-maintenance construction, the new TTK S generation is easier to clean than ever before and due to its low power to weight ratio and its clever mobility features, it is easy to transport.

Nevertheless, in terms of dehumidification capacity, these dryers are no lightweights:

The entire heat exchange system from high-quality components was designed to work in harmony and guarantees the maximum drying efficiency of the devices in all temperature ranges – for example, even under 15 °C in unheated rooms.

As well as this, compared with other defrost systems, the high-quality hot gas automatic defrost guarantees a much more efficient dehumidification performance without defrost pauses on a time interval during which no defrosting occurs!

Even in storage, these commercial dehumidifiers make a good impression – while taking up surprisingly little space. Because they are equipped with two practical stacking grooves on their tops, equally sized TTK S devices can be safely stacked to save space during transport and storage.

TTK 170 S – external drain integrated as a standard
TTK 170 S – optional MID-compliant dual counter for operating and kilowatt hours
TTK 105 S
TTK 140 S
TTK 170 S
TTK 350 S
TTK 650 S

High dehumidification performance even at low temperatures

Whether drying out after water damage, drying out new buildings or keeping heated and unheated storage and work spaces dry, with these universally applicable dehumidifiers you can benefit from a budget-friendly dehumidifier solution without having to compromise on workmanship and reliability.

Because behind the Far East-level price tag, a robust sheet metal shield of traditional EU manufacture houses proven brand technology that runs and runs and runs. Easy to maintain, rarely serviced, cheap to have.

Permanent mode for construction drying applications

The option to connect an external condensate drain - with optional condensate pump, depending on the model - also makes our dehumidifiers ideal for longer unattended drying tasks, e.g. construction drying.

Optionally also available with integrated operating hours counter or MID-compliant dual counter for operating and kilowatt hours

What does MID-compliant mean? The European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) replaces in some areas the previous regulation of national approval and subsequent calibration. As a result, all energy meters used for energy consumption billing in Europe must be MID-compliant in the future.


Commercial dehumidifier TTK-ECO series

The TTK‑ECO is our pragmatic solution when an equally low-cost and high-quality construction dryer is required.

All TTK‑ECO dehumidifiers come with a solid steel construction, which cannot be harmed by the rough operating environment on construction sites.

For an efficient dehumidification even at low ambient temperatures a hot gas automatic defrost system is further integrated as standard (TTK 172 ECO electronic).

With the ECO dehumidifiers a quick change of location from one building site to another is no problem at all.

For transport safety all devices are not only equipped with a cable holder, the larger models are also delivered in carriage design with large wheels at no extra charge. With these longer distances and also stairs can be overcome without difficulty.

Thanks to the efficient rotary piston compressor the maintenance-friendly devices can be transported and stored in any position.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290

Propane (R290) as environmentally friendly refrigerant in dehumidifiers

Every year, several million tonnes of environmentally harmful CO2emissions (greenhouse gases) are emitted into the air by synthetic refrigerants. For this reason, the utilization of alternative refrigerants has become one of our key objectives. By using propane (R290) as refrigerant, this dehumidifier makes a valuable contribution to protecting our climate.

The natural refrigerant propane (R290) is an organic compound belonging to the group of hydrocarbons. Unlike synthetic refrigerants the environmentally friendly propane (R290) comes with neither ozone depletion potential (ODP = 0) nor a noteworthy greenhouse effect (GWP = 3).

Additional bonus for the environment: Owing to its excellent thermodynamic properties, propane (R290) is a particularly energy-efficient refrigerant thereby additionally reducing your energy costs.

Investment protection for your drying devices

Particularly during construction drying operations in summer or when drying water damages, it is very likely that climate conditions arise which may significantly shorten the lifetime of condenser dryers – regardless of the make. We as manufacturer care about the fact that for process-related reasons your condenser dryers often have to be replaced much too soon, hence we have prepared a valuable practical recommendation relating to the investment protection of your drying devices. Click here to find out more ...

Technical construction drying

Did you know that every construction dryer is at the same time a commercial dehumidifier, but that not every commercial dehumidifier is automatically a real construction dryer? Here you can find out the reasons for this, and why hot gas defrosting makes the decisive difference ...

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