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Infrared will find the faults: Cable repair

Damaged spots in power cables can be located quickly and precisely using a thermal imaging camera.

In the industrial sector, cables are often exposed to the toughest environmental conditions. Consequently, defects occur causing an interruption of the necessary power supply – in many cases for a longer period of time. To avoid serious production losses or to perform maintenance work as quickly as possible, cable breaks and defects are located with the help of infrared thermography. Cables used in the industrial sector can be repaired effectively using the powerful thermal imaging camera from Trotec.

In the industrial sector, power cables are at the heart of every company. Whether in the mining industry, on crane systems or in chemical plants. For once the power fails, everything stops working. Such downtimes entail huge financial losses. Therefore, operators of large plants choose for a fast and precise repair of these cables. Before repairing a damaged spot, it is above all necessary to locate it in a precise manner. This is where experts using conventional locating methods such as scanning, visual and acoustic detection quickly reach their limits. For often the important cables are rolled up on large drums, or the damaged spot is situated just at the end of a cable or at a connection point. The only solution: infrared detection. With it, voltage differences present at the damaged spot can be visualized as thermal differences. The Trotec group supplies a range of powerful thermal imaging cameras providing such revealing thermal images.

Precise detection of cable defects saves you time and money

Once the damaged spot in a cable has been visualized as an image or video thanks to modern infrared thermography, the defect can be repaired in a targeted manner. Trotec's thermal imaging cameras not only allow for precise detection but also for detailed documentation, which you can present to your customer. Depending on the application, several models may be suitable – for instance the thermal imaging camera AC080V from Trotec.

This smart thermal imaging camera combines professional technology of a fully radiometric infrared camera with the functions of an ultra-compact tablet. And it does not only look good and fit comfortably in the hand – the performance values are also convincing in practice.

With more than 19,200 independent temperature measuring spots the camera provides fully radiometric thermal images and detects even the smallest temperature changes in real time. This way, experts won't miss any tiny detail. Power cables rolled up on drums are unrolled gradually and then rolled up on a new drum. During this, the entire cable is closely examined by the AC080V. Thanks to its extremely high thermal sensitivity, the powerful infrared camera can recognize the smallest temperature differences – in this case, the damaged spots – even in hidden installed cables. 

Easy handling

While the detection of damaged spots in large power cable is extremely important, the use of the AC080V is extremely simple. The capacitive 5-inch touchscreen sets new standards for mobile temperature measurement. Besides conventional thermal images, it is also possible to take real images and record high-resolution infrared videos, and to transmit them wirelessly to a PC. For a professional evaluation, the device is equipped with numerous measuring functions, e.g. automatic temperature tracking, isotherms, sector analysis or temperature alarm.

Advantages of the AC080V

  • fully radiometric IR camera with 160 x 120 temperature measuring spots
  • high thermal sensitivity
  • brilliant 5-inch colour touchscreen
  • 8 megapixel digital camera for razor-sharp real images and IR videos
  • wireless WLAN data transfer or transmission via USB or Bluetooth
  • high-quality analysis software included in the scope of delivery (download)

Large selection

State-of-the-art technology in thermal imaging cameras: this is what Trotec stands for. Apart from the AC080V, you can also choose for the compact thermal imaging cameras of the IC series offering precise thermographic measurements with manifold device functions, or the innovative thermal imaging cameras of the EC series.

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