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TS 230 SDI High-Temperature Climate Sensor

Stainless steel climate sensor for high temperatures for the T3000 multifunctional measuring device

The 250 mm long stainless steel sensor fitted with a teflon sintered filter allows high-temperature measurements, e.g. of drying processes, up to 140 °C, and up to 180 °C for short measurements.


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TS 230 SDI Klimasensor

Dank einer Länge von 250 mm und 12 mm Durchmesser können mit diesem Klimasensor auch schwer zugängliche Stellen erreicht und angemessen untersucht werden. Natürlich profitieren Sie auch bei diesem Modell von allen gewohnten Vorteilen wie einer hohen Messwertgenauigkeit und -auflösung.

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 3.510.220.220
Air temperature [°C]
  Min. measuring range [°C] -40
  Max. measuring range [°C] 140
  Max. measuring range briefly [°C] 180
  Resolution [°C] 0.1
  Accuracy ± -40 °C - 140 °C [°C] 0.7
  Measuring principle PT100
Humidity [%]
  Min. measuring range [%] 0
  Max. measuring range [%] 100
  Resolution [%] 0.1
  Accuracy 0 % - 90 % [%] 2
  Accuracy 90 % - 100 % [%] 3
  Measuring principle Capacitive
Interfaces / plug design
  Plug design SDI connector
Dimensions of sensor element
  Length [mm] 250
  Diameter [mm] 12
Material of sensor element
  Stainless steel
Material of handle
  Material Plastics
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Internal sensors
  Dew point temperature [°F]
  Absolute humidity content [g/m³]
  Air temperature [°C]
  Air temperature [°F]
  Relative humidity [%]
  Dew point temperature [°C]
  Mixing ratio [g/kg]
Functions and features
  Stainless steel probe
  High-temperature resistant (briefly to up to 180°C!)
  Metal grid filter (gauze) for sensor protection
  Suitable for cleanrooms
  Teflon filter for sensor protection

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