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Trotec at the Mille Miglia.

The Trotec team bets on success.

The Mille Miglia – classic street racing. Ever since 1927 have dream cars been cruising along the triangular route through Italy. Brescia is both the starting place and the final destination. Rome, the Eternal City, a highlight along the way and also turning point of the track. The Mille Miglia represents 1000 miles of pleasure driving through a glorious landscape with many cultural attractions. However, the drivers do not have much time to marvel at Italy's beauty. This year, 435 participants over a period of four days rode their legendary automobiles along seafronts and mountain passes. Naturally, the ambition of being one of the first to cross the finish line rides pillion. Only true Mille Miglia pros are allowed to participate. Cars which have already mastered this circuit between 1927 and 1957.

Legends meeting innovative technology.
Unquestionably, prized metal such as this needs to be protected and maintained, especially if it is exposed to the weather and moisture. Being passionate about classic cars also means taking on the responsibility for the condition of these rolling contemporary witnesses. In 2014, Trotec took part for the first time. When car and driver reached their goal in the evening, the last remaining moisture spots where dried out by use of Trotec products. As partner of the Bugatti team Trotec substantially contributed to the protection and preservation of the classic cars and their value throughout the race. Bugatti on the road. Trotec in the garage. A dream team.

Bugatti and the Trotec Value Protection Range.
The Mille Miglia brought the Bugatti team and Trotec an unforgettable experience. In the coming decades the Bugatti chrome idols will again be present on the track of the Mille Miglia.
Thoroughly protected against rust and corrosion. 

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