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Microwave Humidity Sensor TS 610 SDI

Humidity sensor for the T3000 multifunctional measuring device for the non-destructive determination of moisture distributions in areas close to the surface up to 30 cm depth

Thanks to microwave technology the TS 610 SDI is ideal for non-destructive subsurface moisture measurement for material depths up to 30 cm.

Another advantage of this method is the independence of the salinity degree of the material. For the microwave method it is irrelevant whether an older or a new building (hygroscopic humidity occurrences) is measured.

Alarm function

For all material moisture sensors an individual alarm limit value can be set.

Thanks to this function large areas can be measured fast and effectively without continuously watching the display: Once the selected limit value is exceeded, the SDI sensor alerts the user emitting an acoustic signal!

Microwave humidity sensor TS 610 SDI
Microwave humidity sensor TS 610 SDI
Microwave humidity sensor TS 610 SDI


TS 610 SDI Materialfeuchte-Sensor im Trotec Webshop zeigen

TS 610 SDI Materialfeuchte-Sensor

Durch die Mikrowellentechnik eignet sich der TS 610 SDI zur zerstörungsfreien, indikativen Tiefen-Feuchtemessung bis zu einer Materialtiefe von 30cm.

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 3.510.220.270
Material moisture
  Min. measuring range 0.0 digit
  Max. measuring range 200.0 digit
  Resolution 0.1 digit
  Accuracy 0.1 digit
  Penetration depth [mm] 300
  Measuring principle Microwave
Interfaces / plug design
  Plug design SDI connector
  Borehole for banana jack
Dimensions of sensor element
  Length [mm] 45
  Diameter [mm] 32
Material of sensor element
  Stainless steel
Material of handle
  Material Plastics
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Internal sensors
  Material moisture (microwave) [digits]
  Material moisture (dielectric) [digits]
  Material moisture (electric resistance) [digits]
Functions and features
  Non-destructive sub-surface moisture measurement to up to 30 cm
  Acoustic alarm thanks to integrated piezo signal transmitter
  Automatic calibration during start-up
  Measurement method independent from salinization
  Non-destructive surface moisture measurement to up to 4 cm

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