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T3000 SDI sensors – easy to use, intelligent technology …

Whether climate sensor, anemometer, material moisture sensor or whatever - Adapt your T3000 multifunctional measuring device with the interchangeable sensors to every requirement

Just multiply your possibilities!

The T3000 has a 5-pin plug connector to connect most diverse SDI sensors with integrated measuring electronics. Measured values are automatically calculated and transmitted to the T3000 – with digital precision and no drifting such as it sometimes occurs with analogue measuring devices. All calibration settings are saved directly in the SDI sensor.

A factory test certificate enclosed with every multifunction measuring meter documents the tested quality.

If other measured values need to be determined on site to identify correlations or because new aspects have arisen during measurements which need to be checked, for example, simply change the sensor: a thermohygrometer quickly becomes a microwave moisture sensor, while a dielectric moisture sensor becomes an anemometer or a temperature sensor becomes a hydrogen leak detection system.

Thanks to its intelligent technology, the T3000 automatically detects which sensor is attached when SDI sensors are changed.