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Mikrowellen-Strahlungsmessgerät BR16
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Microwave radiation measuring device BR16

Simple measurement of potentially harmful microwave radiation – e.g. caused by leaking microwave ovens, radio transmitter masts or WLAN routers

Microwave radiation measuring device BR16

Fast detection of microwave radiation exposure

Microwave radiation is odourless and invisible, but – depending on the intensity – not harmless in the long run. The high-frequency fields, colloquially known as electrosmog, can spread in waves from the source of radiation, interfere with the functionality of other electrical devices, and also affect the human body. Electromagnetic radiation penetrates thin walls, conventional windows as well as roof tiles, and the body reacts to these fields like an antenna.

Using the BR16 radiation measuring device from Trotec you can detect microwave emissions from all high-frequency devices functioning on 2.45 GHz ISM band. Ideal e.g. in the household or office.

Possible household appliances and equipment using microwave radiation include:

  • older or leaking microwave ovens in the kitchen
  • transmitter masts and some mobile phone networks
  • wireless video transmission systems
  • radio transmitters and remote controls
  • Bluetooth devices
  • WLAN routers and WLAN repeaters

The hand-held measuring device BR16 detects sources of interference and leakage radiation

As long as the applicable limit values and safety measures are observed, microwaves are actually harmless. However, damaged devices with defective shielding can become a source of danger and sometimes emit leakage radiation that is harmful to health. In addition, various microwave devices become sources of interference due to unfavourable positioning in the household and affect, for example, the performance of WLAN or other wireless connections. Whether a leaking microwave oven, WLAN router, mobile phone or transmission mast – the compact and 150 g light hand-held measuring device BR16 reliably detects harmful or interfering microwave radiation in the measuring range from 0 to 9.99 mW/cm² (frequency 2.45 GHz) and helps you check the manufacturer's specifications regarding the maximum power density of devices using microwave radiation.

Electric smog in cars: on-board electronics, seat heating and hands-free car kits

Even in the car, additional extras such as seat heating and Bluetooth hands-free equipment generate high-frequency radiation. As the metal bodywork prevents dissipation to the outside, the radiation sources are reflected inside the vehicle, which leads to an increased radiation exposure.

Measure and be sure: the BR16 warns you of hazardous radiation sources

If the measured value is above the ICNIRP maximum limit value of 5 mW/cm², the BR16 radiation measuring device automatically warns the user by a combination of a beep and a red LED flashing below the display. This makes it just as easy to detect sources of excessive radiation as it is to find sources of interference causing technical problems at home or at the workplace.

Facts worth knowing about EMF radiation:

When setting limit values in the high-frequency range, most countries in the world are guided by the recommendations of the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The same is true for Germany. The current ICNIRP limit value recommendations vary depending on the case of application and range from 0.2 to 5 mW/cm². The permissible emission limit value e.g. for microwave ovens according to DIN EN 60335-2-90 is 5 mW/cm², the current limit value for UMTS frequencies in the FRG as per German Federal Immission Control Ordinance 26 (BlmSchV) however amounts to approx. 1 mW/cm². Values exceeding a limit value of 5 mW/cm² are unanimously rated as harmful to health.

Mikrowellen-Strahlungsmessgerät BR16
Mikrowellen-Strahlungsmessgerät BR16
Mikrowellen-Strahlungsmessgerät BR16

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