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Lux meter

measurement of illuminance and incidence of light at work, at home or for optimal film and photo set lighting


There are many good reasons to measure illuminance:

Natural, but also artificial light is the engine of our modern life. The illumination intensity influences our performance at work, our ability to concentrate when working from home and our well-being at home in our spare time. Artificial light also allows for a better growth of plants in greenhouses, provides for outstanding pictures in the photography sector and perfectly presents creations in exhibitions and museums. Provided the light intensity is right.

In addition, plants in conservatories or greenhouses need optimal light for healthy growth. Luxmeters are also a practical aid in the daily work of architects and lighting consultants to dimension indoor and outdoor lighting systems according to requirements.

TROTEC offers luxmeters with a classic display, but also modern appSensors with Bluetooth® for evaluation with our MultiMeasure mobile app.

With the BF06, accurate light measurement doesn't have to be a luxury: This compact luxmeter enables precise luminous intensity measurements indoors and outdoors and offers an optimal price-performance ratio with its easy-to-read display.

As a Trotec measuring device of the latest generation, the luxmeter BF06WP is equipped for all requirements of a professional measurement data evaluation and documentation. Via the integrated Bluetooth® interface, the recorded measurement data are transferred to a smartphone or tablet easily and conveniently, where they can be professionally evaluated and recorded with the free MultiMeasure Mobile App (Android and iOS).

A few practical benefits:

  • Development, design, production 100 % Trotec
  • High-performance axial fans – manufactured in keeping with high industrial standards
  • Extremely robust for the professional continuous operation even under the toughest conditions or for rentals
  • Air circulation capacity of up to 45,600 m³ / h
  • Robust devices even for rough operating conditions
  • Multi-stack capability for ventilation stacking installations and space-saving storage
  • Easy handling
  • Quick change of location thanks to wheels

Benefit from the diverse fields of application of the TTW series:

  • Transverse ventilation of large rooms and halls
  • Air circulation indoors and outdoors
  • Theatrical ventilation for trade fairs, fashion shows, discos
  • Cooling of machines, production facilities, marquees or exhibition rooms
  • Wind and storm simulations for shoots on photo and movie sets
  • Cold smoke extraction from buildings
  • Many more fields of application

The appSensor BF06WP is automatically identified by MultiMeasure Mobile.
Simple Bluetooth connection to MultiMeasure Mobile
A value measured by the BF06WP can be read clearly when displayed by the MultiMeasure Mobile app.
Numeric display of measured values
By tapping on the screen you can switch between graphic and numeric display.
Chart representation of measured values
By means of the logging function you can record measurement series and generate reports while still on site.
Versatile luxmeter as appSensor controlled via smartphone

MultiMeasure Mobile app – smart measuring data acquisition and evaluation of measuring data

With the free MultiMeasure Mobile app the captured measurement data becomes even more transparent. Just like the analysis software MultiMeasure Studio Professional 2.0 developed by Trotec for administration, analysis and report generation of measurement data on your PC, the free MultiMeasure Mobile app for Android and iOS devices also allows for professional measurement data management with a multitude of useful functions. The luxmeter BF06WP and numerous other measuring devices with Bluetooth® interface are automatically identified by the App and can be connected to the mobile terminal device quickly, easily and wirelessly.

The functionality of the MultiMeasure Mobile app is way beyond the simple indication of the captured measurement values. All recorded data can be displayed either numerically or in form of a chart and, by means of the logging function, can also be recorded as a series of measurements for long-term evaluation. Assigning measurement data to different projects (e.g. departments, rooms, buildings, etc.) with the app that handles a great number of clients is a child's play – including text and report templates for professional measurement data reports.

MultiMeasure Mobile – all of the app's advantages at one glance:

  • Automatic identification of the BF06WP and other measuring devices with Bluetooth® interface
  • Quick and intuitive navigation
  • Numerical measured value indication or else in form of a chart / matrix
  • Integrated report function for the documentation directly on site
  • PDA function for the organization of measurement data and documents
  • Customer management already integrated
  • Manifold analysis options directly in the app
  • Storage of measured values linked to photos
  • Matrix measurements, also linked to photos
  • Complete data synchronization with MultiMeasure Professional via cloud

Info video on appSensors and MultiMeasure Mobile

In our video you can get a quick overview of the measurement options of the Trotec appSensors and get first insights into the functionality of the MultiMeasure mobile app. Watch it now!

Watch the video now!

Direct link to MultiMeasure Mobile in the app store:

MultiMeasure Mobile for Android
MultiMeasure Mobile for iOS

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Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

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