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Exhaust air hose adapter / window adapter / window nozzle
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Exhaust air hose adapter / window nozzle for mobile air conditioners

Suitable for common exhaust air hose diameters – including hose adapters for further diameters

Opens up possibilities when there is little space and cracks in tilted windows are narrow

Portable air conditioners of the PAC series, in comparison to stationary air conditioning systems, are practical and cost-effective solutions to cool down heated rooms quickly and effectively to pleasant room temperatures when outdoor temperatures are high. Depending on the room situation, just having to discharge the hot air to the outside can already present a challenge. For example if the window cannot be fully opened due to lack of space, or if it must not stand open for reasons of accident prevention.

If the exhaust air hose of a mobile air conditioning system does not fit through the window opening due to its diameter, the window nozzle from Trotec is the practical solution to convey warm air outside conveniently and reliably – without any technical effort and without having to call a craftsman. The window nozzle is also an ideal addition to the energy-saving Trotec window sealing AirLock 100 and AirLock 1000.

Slim design, strong performance

Just put the large opening of the exhaust nozzle over the open end of the exhaust air hose. For an exhaust air hose with a diameter of 142 mm the adapter will fit without any further auxiliary means. Air conditioners with an exhaust air hose diameter of 152 - 160 mm have to be fastened using an additional hose clamp (Ø 140 - 160 mm) which is available as an accessory part at Trotec. The slim window nozzle can be easily clipped into the crack in the tilted window. Four integrated retaining collars ensure a secure hold and prevent the window nozzle from loosening when the exhaust air hose moves.

The ideal solution for:

  • mobile air conditioners with an exhaust air hose
  • Window seals AirLock 100 and AirLock 1000
  • Side-hung and bottom-hung windows, sliding windows, roof windows and further window types
  • Room situations in which the windows either are not to be opened or must not be opened

Increases the cooling efficiency of mobile air conditioners

The wider a window is opened to dissipate the hot air to the outside via the exhaust air hose, the more hot air will flow back into the room through the window, significantly deteriorating the cooling capacity and energy balance. Dust, dirt and insects, too, can easily enter the rooms. Moreover, rain may penetrate during a sudden shower and have serious consequences. With the window adapter you put an effective stop to these undesired effects from the outside.

More comfort while maintaining a constantly high performance

The narrow Trotec window nozzle has been designed so as not to affect the proper operation of mobile air conditioning systems. The smaller cross-section of the adapter has no impact on the air conditioner’s cooling and exhaust air performance. Instead, you’ll benefit from increased flexibility when you utilise your air conditioning system in narrow spaces.

Practical inside, invisible outside

The exhaust air hose adapter blends in perfectly with white windows and in this way makes dissipation of the warm air though the window almost invisible from the outside.

Reasons for using the Trotec window nozzle:

  • Increases the possible applications of mobile air conditioners
  • The cooling efficiency of the air conditioning system is increased, since a window that is just tilted instead of widely opened lets in less hot air from outside
  • Uncomplicated installation without the need of calling in a craftsman
  • Puts a stop to exhaust air hoses that hang out of windows

Suitable for the following exhaust air hose diameters:

Ø 142 mm – without further auxiliary means

Ø 152-160 mm – with a hose clamp

The window nozzle from Trotec is a practical addition to all mobile air conditioning systems. It increases convenient application and furthermore improves the air conditioner's cooling efficiency.

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Technical data

Technical data
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  Diameter (packaging excluded) [mm] 142
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