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Cordless compressor PCPS 11-20V and air pump PCPS 12-20V
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Cordless compressor and air pump PCPS 11/12-20V

Inflation and deflation have never been so easy

A practical set of cordless compressor and air pump for various fields of application

This practical complete set is the first choice for all applications requiring large air volumes to be in- or deflated at high pressure. Neatly stored away in the supplied carry case, the cordless compressor PCPS 11-20V and cordless air pump PCPS 12-20V from Trotec are always on the spot as reliable aids should you ever run out of steam – or compressed air.

Working under pressure? No problem for the cordless compressor PCPS 11-20V

Be it car, bicycle, scooter, moped or motorbike, the powerful cordless compressor is not only particularly well suited for inflating tyres – it is an equally practical aid for footballs, basketballs, handballs etc.

The PCPS 11-20V is particularly easy to connect, for the supplied 10-piece accessory kit contains adapters for all common valve types. Integrated on both sides of the cordless compressor’s housing are holding fixtures to keep a compressed-air hose and valve adapters at the ready.

Simply connect the cordless compressor to tyres, toys and sports equipment, then they can be inflated quickly and conveniently. Use the preselection function to set the desired filling pressure indicated on the LCD display in either bar or psi and activate the compressor. The inflation process stops automatically when the preselected pressure value has been reached.

Owing to its high performance of max. 7 bar the cordless compressor PCPS 11-20V constitutes the perfect solution for all inflation processes requiring a high air pressure.

A big air spender – cordless air pump PCPS 12-20V

Paddling pools, dinghies, air beds or mattresses: all of these items have a high recreational and use value. If only it weren’t for the tiresome inflation process, especially since often enough you just don’t have the right pump on hand and have to blow it up yourself. With our cordless air pump you can lean back and pause for breath, for the PCPS 12-20V does all your inflation work quickly and effortlessly.

With its high air flow rate of max. 70 m³/h the cordless air pump is optimally suited for all objects with a large volume to be filled. The according adapters for different nozzles are included in the scope of delivery.

As convenient pump with 2-in-1 function the PCPS 12-20V can furthermore just as easily be used for exhausting air.

This way, truly all air is deflated from your inflatables without any effort and you can store them away for later use in a space-saving manner.

Better together – set of cordless compressor and cordless air pump

Combined these two tools are the ideal solution for practically all inflation applications – and they have even more useful benefits in common: Both devices come equipped with an integrated LED work light, thus valve connections remain clearly visible even in the twilight.

Moreover, both devices can be used with the same battery. With a charging capacity of 2 Ah the supplied 20 V Flexpower multi-device battery is optimally prepared for extended pumping operations. What’s more, it can be combined with other Trotec power tools.

Flexpower – the innovative multi-device battery system from Trotec

Even the standard scope of delivery of this power tool from Trotec already includes a powerful 20 V multi-device battery from the Trotec Flexpower portfolio with a high charging capacity of 2 Ah. You can check the current charging status via the three-stage battery level indication that is integrated in the battery housing and clearly visible at one glance.

This power pack that can be fully charged in about an hour not only enables device runtimes extended by up to 33 % – as compared to standard batteries with only 1.5 Ah – moreover, this Flexpower multi-device battery can also be flexibly combined with different Trotec tools, including i.a. the cordless rotary hammer PRDS 10‑20V, the cordless multi-function tool PMTS 10‑20V, the cordless portable circular saw PCSS 10‑20V, the cordless random orbital sander PESS 10-20V, the cordless work light PWLS 10‑20V, the cordless work LED light PWLS 15‑20V, the cordless drill driver PSCS 11‑20V, the cordless hammer drill PHDS 11‑20V, the cordless grass and shrub shears PGSS 10-20V, the Cordless compressor PCPS 11‑20V and air pump PCPS 12‑20V, the cordless pendulum action jigsaw PJSS 11‑20V, the cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner VC 10‑20V or the Cordless vacuum cleaner VC 15‑20V.

Thanks to Flexpower you can do without unnecessary batteries and chargers – and the search for a suitable battery has also come to an end. Simply change the device, not the battery. Flexpower puts a stop to the unnecessary amount of various exchangeable batteries; the combination option with an ever increasing number of tools allows you flexibility at all times so you can carry on your projects energetically!

Premium branded battery for constantly full power

Premium branded battery

By now, lithium-ion batteries are widely distributed, after all they come without memory effect and self-discharge. Plus these batteries can be disconnected from the charger and used right away without it affecting the battery’s lifetime. But “lithium ions” is a generic term used for batteries of various qualities and made of diverse electrode materials; including those with a perceptibly weakening performance once the battery charge decreases.

Lithium-ion batteries supplied by Trotec are high-quality premium branded NMC batteries with a high energy density and charging voltage lasting until the end without exceptions – guaranteed! Compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries the performance of our premium branded batteries does not decrease even as the discharge increases.

Consequently, you benefit from lasting maximum power even with an almost empty battery. During longer operation only the battery charge decreases, never their performance – that is the added value of Trotec’s premium branded batteries!

The key equipment features of cordless compressor and cordless air pump at a glance

Cordless compressor with pressure preselection function
Pressure preselection function: Use the plus or minus button to preselect the desired pressure value, then pull the trigger. The compressor switches off automatically when the target value is reached.
Backlit display indicates the pressure values in either bar or psi
The pressure values can be easily read on the backlit display even in dark surroundings. The preselectable units are bar and psi.
Powerful compressor for a pressure of 7 bar
The robust, high-performance, cordless compressor generates a pressure of up to 7 bar and is suitable for various applications.
Holding fixtures for accessories at the housing
Practical detail: Integrated on both sides of the cordless compressor’s housing are holding fixtures to keep a compressed-air hose and valve adapters at the ready.
Ten-piece accessory kit
The 10-piece accessory kit contains all common valve adapters required for inflation and also a number of nozzle attachments of various sizes for in- and deflation.
Inflating and deflating with just one device
Cordless air pump with 2-in-1 function: Inflate through the air outlet or exhaust air using the air inlet – simple, quick and convenient.
Integrated work light
Integrated LED lamp for illumination of dark work areas.
Soft grip inlays for extra firm grip
For an extra firm grip the handles of both cordless tools are fitted with soft grip inlays.
Quick charger
Quick charger with automatic charge termination – only 1 hour of charging required.
Three-stage battery level indication
The charging status can be viewed directly at the battery, it is indicated by three LEDs in the traffic light principle.

A practical set of cordless compressor and air pump for various fields of application

High-precision inflation of car tyres
Not the right tyre pressure? With the cordless compressor PCPS 11‑20V you can simply preselect the desired target value in bar or psi and then start the compressor. The inflation process stops automatically when the preselected pressure value has been reached.
Adapters for all common bicycle valve types
Whether you are faced with Dunlop, Schrader or Presta valves – the delivery scope of this set comprises adapters for all common bicycle valve types, hence this cordless compressor can be used for all bicycles.
A practical aid – not only for coaches and instructors
The supplied ball needle turns the cordless compressor into an accurate ball pump. Be it football, basketball, handball or volleyball, the PCPS 11‑20V can fill them all to the desired level.
High-volume in- and deflation
The cordless air pump PCPS 12‑20V is suited for both inflating and deflating items with large air volumes, e.g. air mattresses, inflatable paddling pools or dinghies.
Technical data by comparison

All compressors in direct comparison:

To find the compressor which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all compressors from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Complete set of high-performance brand-name tools in TÜV-tested quality
  • Flexpower multi-device battery system – can be flexibly combined also with other cordless tools from Trotec
  • Powerful 20 V lithium-ion battery without memory effect and self-discharge
  • Cordless compressor with a pressure capacity of 7 bar and automatic inflation according to the target value preselected via the LCD
  • Cordless air pump for high-volume inflation and deflation tasks of max. 70 m³/h
  • 10-piece set of adapters for all common valve types included in the scope of delivery
  • Integrated LED work light
  • Soft grip rubber inlays in the housing for extra firm hold
  • Three-stage battery level indication integrated in the battery

All important features at a glance

Allowing flexible combinations – one battery suitable for many devices
Lithium-ion battery with 2 Ah capacity
Quick charger – only 1 hour of charging required
Performance values can be indicated either in bar or psi
Cordless air pump max. 70 m³/h
Pressure preselection with automatic function
Three-stage battery status indicator integrated in the battery
Cordless compressor with LCD display and LED work light
LED work light
Cordless – can be applied virtually everywhere
Soft grip for improved handling
Delivered in a carry case
Quick inflation or deflation of dinghies
Quick inflation or deflation of inflatable pools
For inflating car tyres
For inflating bicycle tyres
Quick inflation of balls
Quick inflation of inflatable beach items
Quick inflation or deflation of air beds and mattresses
Complete set with a comprehensive scope of delivery

Complete set with a comprehensive scope of delivery: cordless compressor PCPS 11‑20V, cordless air pump PCPS 12‑20V, quick charger, replaceable Flexpower multi-device battery (20 V, 2 Ah), carry case and ten-piece accessory kit comprising: three air pump nozzle attachments of various sizes, compressed-air hose with threaded connector, adapters for Dunlop and Presta valves, ball needle, one long and two short universal adapters.

Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

So far, you basically only had two options when choosing a battery-operated compressor or air pump: either good but expensive, or mainly cheap.

Trotec’s PowerTools now offer a smart choice: good and cheap at the same time. For we do not only stand for measuring devices and air conditioners, but also for power tools of brand quality: professional Trotec solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!


Akku-Kompressor PCPS 11-20V & Akku-Luftpumpe PCPS 12-20V inkl. Akku und Ladegerät show in Trotec online shop

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 4.650.000.051
Compressor data
  Max. pressure [bar] 7
Air pump data
  Air flow rate [m³/h] 70
Electrical values battery
  Battery nominal voltage [V] 20
  Battery capacity [Ah] 2
  Capacity indication 3-stage
  Battery type Li-ion
  Battery charging time [h] 1
  Mains connection 230 - 240 V, 50 Hz
  Output voltage [V] 21.5
  Power input [W] 65
  Nominal current consumption [mA] 2,400
  Connection plug CEE 7/16
  Cable length [m] 1.5
  Protection class II
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 300
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 102
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 331
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 2.5
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features compressor
  Preset pressure with automatic switch-off
  Backlit LC display
  Display of the current pressure level
  Optional pressure indication in bar or psi
  Automatic display switch-off during a longer period of non-use
Functions and features air pump
  Pumping out
Common functions and features
  LED work light
Standard scope of delivery
Accessories scope of delivery
  Compressed-air hose with threaded connector
  Dunlop valve
  Presta valve
  Ball needle
  Universal plastic adapter 3
  Universal adapter for valves with an inner diameter of 8 mm
  Adapter for screw valves
  Adapter for vent valves
  Quick charger
  Number of batteries 1
  Transport case

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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