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Tracer dyes

Dyes for leakage detection, connection control or visualisation of flow paths

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Using the tracer dyes from Trotec, you have high-quality dyes for a variety of applications on hand. Whether for leak detection in domestic installations or on flat roofs, checking the connections of wastewater systems or marking water to visualize flow paths – our dye product range is just as versatile as your requirements and comprises anything from 100 % natural food-grade dyes to various fluorescent dyes. The table below helps you to select the suitable marking agent:

Which dye for which purpose?

Decision support for the selection of tracer dyes

Pure series Uranine Luminate
100 % food-grade ingredients
Biodegradable, natural metabolism
Harmless for the health of people and animals
Harmful in excessive doses
Capillary flow
Chemical long-term stability for long-term studies
Luminescence through UV light
Vividly coloured (also visible in dark, stagnant water)
Transparent, colour-neutral application
Generally accepted for leak detection or verifying the flow path *
Suitable for detecting pipe bursts *
Suitable for detecting leaky spots in the brickwork *

* Chemical tracers (marking agents) are potentially toxic – depending on the treatment duration and exposure – hence applications with drinking water or groundwater discharges could be problematic. Based on the situation the natural colours of the Trotec Pure series can provide a deployment alternative that is 100 % organic. Otherwise uranine represents the means of choice, especially for verifying the flow path or leak testing in brickwork. If the tracer should for instance not leave any colour traces on the item and at the same time needs to be chemically stable in the long run, we recommend using luminate, which is only visible when irradiated with UV light.