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Uranine tracer dye

Standard fluorescent dye for leak detections and flow path testing

Uranine is the most intensely fluorescing tracer dye and easily visible to the naked eye, which is why it is often used for marking waters. Greatly diluted, the highly water-soluble uranine powder is toxicologically harmless and ideally suited for all leak detections and tightness tests requiring the dyed water to penetrate capillaries. Therefore the leak becomes apparent with a clear time lag to the dye addition. Even tiny leaks can be rendered visible using a UV lamp.

The pure uranine powder as well as highly concentrated solutions in water have a dark red colour. They do not fluoresce. When further diluted, however, the uranine will dye the water in a yellow-green to green fluorescent colour, depending on the degree of dilution. This effect becomes clearly visible when the solution is irradiated with a 365 nm UV lamp such as the UV-TrackMaster.

Note: Uranine must not be used as food colourant!

A few practical benefits:

  • Generally recognised tracer for leak detection or flow path testing
  • Chemical long-term stability for long-term studies
  • Good capillary flow
  • High yield
The uranine powder diluted in water makes the dye solution easily visible even without technical aids.
When using a hand-held UV-A lamp in the optimal wavelength range, the excellent fluorescence properties of this dye become apparent.
The practical example shows how easily the uranine solution can be recognized at the exit point even with the naked eye. Using a UV lamp for fluorescence excitation, the tracer can be detected quickly across extensive areas.

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Uranin, 100 g show in Trotec online shop

Uranin, 100 g

Is added to water courses to make leaks visible on green roofs, for example. Can be used in combination with Trotec UV devices. No food colouring!

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Technical data

Technical data
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  Height (packaging included) [mm] 63
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Standard scope of delivery
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